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Express Flooring Breaks Down the Hottest Interior Design Trends for This Fall

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As time passes, most industries are subjected to the constant stream of changes that affect the market. Just think about how some of the following have revolutionized popular sectors: 

  • Uber revamped the taxi market by introducing mobile apps and ridesharing;
  • Online streaming services are slowly pushing DVD companies out of business;
  • Versatile phones completely took over the market share of music players like Zunes or iPods.

Just like the aforementioned, the world of interior design is changing as fast as ever. In fact, what might have been considered the latest offspring of contemporary designs could soon become obsolete. So, what are some of the trends currently dominating this market in the fall of 2018? 

Pink Color Schemes

Although utilizing pink colors is a seasonal trend, it tends to come around in the fall. This is a direct byproduct of October being the awareness month for Cancer. So, how exactly is it visible within people’s homes? Well, seamless decorations are an extremely easy way to intergrade various shades of pink. Just consider, for instance, how simple it is to obtain pillows, photos, coasters, or other details that may bring up a unique color. 

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Nature-Based Furniture

As the season of warm colors, many homeowners are motivated to get nature-based furniture in the fall. This includes wooden tables, bench-like seating, and many other alternatives that combine contemporary designs with timeless materials. Thus, fall is a great season to revamp the hefty furniture pieces that may be slightly outdated. These include, but are not limited to, couches, dining room tables, TV stands, and so on. 

Innovative Floors

Another effortless way to alter the entire atmosphere of a home is to change the flooring. This is because floors tend to be the most noticeable part of every room. According to Express Flooring, it is also why projects that deal with re-flooring are extremely detail-oriented. So, what are some of the current trends dominating the fall season? 

Various forms of modern wood such as the fumed, bleached, or even reclaimed alternatives are slowly rising in popularity. Besides offering a state-of-the-art visual appeal, they are providing the homeowner with reliable flooring that can last many years. Additionally, concrete tiles are rapidly becoming more common as they make it easy to achieve the luxury look. Sometimes, as Express Flooring claims, people even go as far as artificially aging their floors to make them seem old-fashioned. 

Utilized Ceilings

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In the past, ceilings had a relatively unchanged role that revolved around holding various light fixtures. Nowadays, however, interior designers are taking advantage of them to customize someone’s home even more. For instance, painting the ceiling used to be very uncommon and almost frowned upon to an extent. In today’s world, using untraditional colors to paint one’s home will often include their ceiling as well. That approach allows the homeowner to achieve a fluent atmosphere where certain colors are not interrupted by single-shade ceilings. 

Seasonal Colors

Lastly, the most obvious fall-based trend that consumes nearly every household comes down to statement colors. For those unfamiliar, these are all the colors that are commonly connected to this season. Think about some of the popular holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas. Since most of them are connected to the fall in some way, people tend to decorate their homes with colors that represent those holidays. 

Thus, Halloween often prompts individuals to display various showings of orange embellishments. Similarly, Thanksgiving will give rise to turkey-based ornaments and symbols. After all, fall is one of the most holiday-packed seasons which, in turn, facilitates great decorating!

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