Wednesday, July 6, 2022

10 Crafty Ways to Organize Your Office

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You can tell when it’s time to do some organization in your office. You might just see a little extra clutter here and there, but if you leave this clutter to build-up, you’re going to end up seeing a huge disorganized mess in the future. That’s why there are plenty of ideas out there to organize your office with some cool crafts. So, sit back, relax, and get your craftiness on!

  1. Stack Mason Jars
    This one is great for any of you that have tons of mason jars just lying around your home. Just take five empty mason jars and glue them together in a pyramid formation with the open ends facing one side. When you put all of these mason jars on their side, you can easily store various pens, pencils, and markers in there for everyday use.
  1. Binder Clips – De-Tangle Cords
    We all know how annoying it is when we look for our computer or smartphone charging cords and they’re all tangled up. Make sure to keep this from happening by using binder clips on the side of your desk. Just thread through the cords and you’ll find you’ll never have to deal with tangled cords anymore.
  1. Jars of Jelly for Storage
    If you have a lot of extra empty jelly jars or any other jars, you can use these for storage! If you have small erasers, clips, or any other small pieces of office materials laying around, just organize these in each of the jars and stick them on your shelf. In our day, you might have just thrown these away. But now you can recycle these jars and use them for something better!
  1. Peg Board
    Here’s a great way to hang up all of those loose-lying materials that are cluttering up your office space. Just take a pegboard, frame it in a frame that’s going to match your office style, and you can easily hang tape, scissors, and other office materials for when you need them. And just like that, all the clutter is gone!
  1. An Old Shutter for Mail
    If you have an old shutter laying around or you find one at a yard sale or somewhere on the street, don’t think that you can’t re-use this! Just hang it up on one wall of your office and you can stick unpaid bills in there or mail that you want to go through later.
  1. Shoe-Box Storage Units
    You can pin together old shoe boxes to make a pretty cool storage unit to add to one wall of your office. You can take various colours of shoeboxes or wrap them in a colourful wrap to make them match the colour scheme of your office.
  1. Re-Purposed Magazine Holders
    You can take old magazine holders that are around your house or go out and buy some to attach to shelves in your office. That way, you can hold various notebooks, magazines, and important documents in an organized manner instead of just spreading them across your desk.
  1. Re-Purposed Wall Brackets
    If you just re-did a part of your home and have some wall brackets leftover that you didn’t use during the restoration process, you can use these as magazine holders. They are often decorated very nicely and go with any office style!
  1. Make Your Own Desk
    How about using two bookcases and an old door to make your very own desk in your office? This is a fantastic way to use some old material that you might have in storage to make a unique desk. Plus, the bookshelves make the perfect holding area for books, documents, and anything else you may need to store there.
  1. Drawer Dividers
    You can take cereal boxes, wrap them in a decorative wrap, and use them as drawer dividers to split up your drawers into various sections. So easy!

All of these crafty organization techniques are going to make your office so much more clutter-free than it was before. Try them out and let us know how they went for you!

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