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10 Most Common Myths About The NBA

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The NBA is so famous and important in our daily sport discussions, that it is almost anomalous not to follow the games on a regular basis. However, with its constantly growing popularity, myths take little time to pop up. Some of these can be dragged to disproportionate heights, causing confusion. Here are 10 myths about the NBA, debunked for you.

1. NBA Games Only Matter After the Playoffs

It is, in a very clear view evident that any team is quite capable of winning the NBA. People assume that the games before the playoffs are more or less certain. Back in the good old times, this may have been true, but now, with better equipped players arriving on the scene, one can never be too certain.

2. Nobody Plays in Defense

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This is one of the most ridiculous myths. All teams are placed to allow control over the court, based on each player’s capabilities. There are provisions for defense in the arrangements too.

3. Nobody Likes the NBA Outside North America

Says who? The NBA might be famous here, but surely, it is not the only place where it is watched. The NBA, as part of American culture, has been popularized in the distant corners of the map, reaching as far as reclusive North Korea, who’s ruler happens to be a fan!

4. You Need A Very Good Coach for A Team to Win

Teams do need good coaches, but skill is something that coaches just cannot provide. It absolutely rests on players to do the real work, playing with wit and confidence and putting their skills on the court to secure the trophy.

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5. Star Players Notoriously Change Teams as Per Choice

This would be a myth because it dangerously generalizes players of the league. Unfortunately, there are a good crop of players who enjoy being on the best team available, but others do remain loyal to their turf.

6. The New York Knicks Deserve the Attention They Get

Like the Chicago Bulls, the New York Knicks get a lot of media attention. The only difference between the two is that the latter does not deserve it. Owing to the large crowd of supporters and eager viewers, the news is keen to show them often. This is why they seem to keep coming back onto your screen.

7. Some Players Just Aren’t Good Enough to Win

Some people label players as not fit for a win. It is hardly the fault of a player if they keep getting into teams that are otherwise weak. Since basketball is a team-based sport, it is appropriate to say that the strongest team wins. An individual player cannot be blamed.

8. The League Games Are Often Rigged

This is commonly thought among many NBA fans. While there are a lot of stakes on the game, the league games cannot be favored to one side solely because there is someone paying. These games involve a lot of influence indeed but having them labelled as rigged would be insulting to the game.

9. Defense Is What Helps Teams Secure Championships

Good defense sure helps a team become stronger, but it does not secure a championship for them. All aspects of the game matter – precision, skill and moreover, coordination. Solely relying on defense, a team would be able to keep the score low, but probably wouldn’t be competent enough to lift the cup.

10. Basketball Sizes Vary Between Games

Probably the most hilarious of the myths on this list is this one, which claims that basketball sizes vary from place to place. All basketballs are made in accordance to an internationally accepted convention and can neither be too big nor too small. So, if your favorite team loses a game, the ball wasn’t at fault.

You will certainly come across plenty of people who claim to know a lot about the NBA, but as you see, not everything you heard was correct. Now that you know, you can be a lot smarter about the league you love. Let the rubbish out and live the game!

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