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10 Tips To Brand Your Business

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Here are 10 in effective ways of successfully branding your business.

1.Start by Defining the Brand
The first step is reviewing the product or service that you’re offering, identifying the space in which it occupies in the market, and then researching the rational and emotive concerns and needs of your customers. The character of your brand should ideally promote your business, differentiate you in the market, and connect with your customer base.

2. Think of Your Brand as a Person
Every person is an individual and has a character made up of certain values, beliefs, and purposes that define who the person is and who they connect with. Our personalities ideally determining how we will behave in different situations, what we say, and how we dress. For people, obviously more intuitive and quite rare that we even consider what our own character is like, but when building a brand, it is crucial to have that understanding.

3. Consider the Driving Force of Your Business
As a business, what do you believe in? What your purpose, who are your brand heroes? These are some of the things that can help you determine your emotive brand positioning as well as inform your character and identity for brand communication.

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4. Work to Develop a Long-Term Relationship with Each of Your Customers
Don’t just raise expectations and dress up your offering, as they will ultimately result in broken promises. Instead, use honest branding to create the trust; be very clear on exactly who your company is, and remain true to the values that drive its purpose every day.

5. Establish A Consistent Tone of Voice for Your Customers
This will help you reinforce the character of your business, and clarify on its offerings so that the customers are aware of what they can expect from your product or service.

6- Use a Mix
A mix of online marketing for branding as well as offline stuff such as bus stop advertising or billboards can help reach all customer bases and is a good idea.

7. Never Try to Mimic the Look of The Big Brands or Chains
Aim to carve out a distinctive identity of your own. Currently, is a great trend among consumers towards independent businesses/establishments, and a number of chains are actually trying to mimic the independent feel in an effort to capture a chunk of this market. As such, the truly independent establishments can take advantage of their status to appeal to the consumers who prefer something more authentic; something that lines up with their identity or character.

8. Stand for Something You Truly Believe In – Be Bold, Innovative, And Daring
There are huge layers of bureaucracy among the big brands, which makes them less flexible, and are thus slow to react to the ever-changing needs and concerns of the consumers. The decision-makers are encumbered by these layers, making it hard for them to be daring in their branding.

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9. Consider Your Brand as You Communicate with Customers
Don’t delete your brand positioning or lose your pride with indiscriminate discounting. Try to offer more instead of slashing the prices. Holding promotions is a great way to reinforce the mission of your brand.

10. Stamping Your Logo Everywhere Is Outdated and Won’t Cut It
Respect the intelligence of your customers by avoiding to give everything away up front. The future of branding is more flexible and engaging. You can create some intrigue to let them find out more about you on their own. That’s how you foster brand ambassadors who will be happy to tell other people what they just discovered.

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