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12 Ways To Prepare Intelligently For Black Friday in 2019

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The Black Friday sale can be very overwhelming. You need to have a strategy in-hand, otherwise, you can miss out on a lot of amazing deals. You’ll find some of the tips and tricks discussed below that are proven to help the customers out in dealing with and preparing for the black Friday.

1- Look for the ads:

Checking ads may help you out in ways more than you think. Look for the time-restricted sales that might be happening. Do not always go for the usual stores you buy stuff from. Check the availability for similar products on a store you never go to, and you may end up getting an alike product for a cheaper rate.

2- Spend in a Budget:

You need to make a decision about how much you want to spend on your purchases first. Go through the list and categorize the items according to your highest priority narrowing down to the things you need the least. Is there anything important that you might’ve been saving up for? Also always calculate what your spending limit it and try not to cross it even slightly.

3- Shop on Thanksgiving or even sooner than that:

A trick that every shopaholic is familiar with is that you can’t always find good deals on the specific black Friday day. Considering occasional sales like Thanksgiving or Christmas can be a great idea, too. Retailers often hold good sales on the account of these events and you get to get your hand on your favorite item from the list even sooner than you were thinking of.

4- Staying Organized:

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Black Friday comes in all forms of discounts from coupons to store credits. These offers also call for good organizational skills, those who are more cluttered tend to get confused while trying to redeem the offers. One trick to keep things in a manageable form is to collect the receipts and put them all together in a section of your wallet. Later on, you can make a detailed spreadsheet at home of all the necessary details like, offers, validity dates, and stores that you would like to visit. If you’ll not go by this way, you may end up spending more than you plan to.

5- Be a Social Media Butterfly:

Start following your favorite stores on social media. Keeping a close eye on these accounts can get you ads, coupons, or even sale previews. You should also check these stores online before visiting the actual store to get the additional information and promo codes. Apart from their social media and traditional presence, also keep a check on the local paper too. For the printed coupons.

6- Weigh Online vs. In-Store Shopping:

Being an introvert has its perks, but there are some drawbacks, too. Shopping online because of the crowded stores may sound like a better option, but people have trouble with deals ending fast, products getting sold out instantly, and website crashes. Some have noticed the difference in prices, as well.

7- Prepare to Stand in Line:

You need to have arrangements for those long waiting that you are likely to meet with. Make sure you have a playlist with you. Don’t take lots of stuff with you that will end up causing you pain. Try to focus only on the important stuff.

8- Craft an In-Store Game Plan:

You need to have a good plan for when you plan to go shopping. Focus on the deals you want to avail and check the retailer for those specific products. Check for the duration of the discounts. Then prioritize if you need the items which are high on demand or those who are likely to get sold out quick.

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You can take your friends along and form a team to help each other out with coordination.

9- Download Apps for Extra Savings:

Another way for not to miss that on-sale product you have your eyes on is to order online through the concerned apps and pick it up later from the store. They often give extra discounts to customers.

You can also visit deals communities, for extended Black Friday deals, where you will find more discounts for extra savings, both in time and money.

10- Stay Away From Impulse Purchases:

During the Black Friday sale, it often feels like you can just grab a couple more if this and that just because the products are on a discount. This way you end up spending more than you are saving. Avoid impulse buying by keeping a budget in mind.

11- Watch Out for Final Sale Items:

Most of the sale items are non-refundable, so make sure you check them properly before making a purchase. Do check the store’s return policy of the store you are buying from.

12- Be Kind to Everyone:

Always be kind to the salesperson while shopping. They are there to assist you and dealing with temperamental customers usually ruin their day, too. Obviously, it’s not expected from you to teach those a lesson who do misbehave, but at least you can make a difference by being kind to them yourself.

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