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3 Proven Advantages of a Prepaid Power Connection

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In the recent decades, prepaid power meters have become popular with homeowners across the US, and not without reason. With winters getting colder and summers getting warmer like never before, power bills are on a constant rise, which has led families to look for a way to control their electricity usage and with that the monthly power spend. However, this is only one of the reasons why the prepaid power system has become successful across the country. Aside from allowing you to have greater control of your power bills, this system has a number of other advantages, as follows.

Easy payment and recharge

Power companies that offer prepaid connections have a robust payment system in place where you can recharge your meter through online payment any time of the day, any day of the week. While online payment is also provided by many conventional providers, pre-charging your meter with an amount of your choosing and knowing how long that amount will last brings peace of mind and does away with the anxiety of anticipating an unexpectedly high power bill at the end of the month.

In fact, prepaid energy companies offer a range of recharge avenues to make your experience even more convenient. These include payment by cash at designated locations, online auto-pay, and payment through telephone.

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Greater control over energy usage

This is perhaps the greatest reason for customers switching from the traditional post-paid electricity system to prepaid meters. This revolutionary new system comes with a host of features, such as daily power usage alerts, daily balance alert, low balance alerts, savings made on monthly usage, and so on.

Prepaid power companies generally provide such information through an app that you can download on your smartphone or tablet and manage your home’s electricity consumption on the go. If you notice that your daily usage runs high on the weekends, you can compensate for the increased consumption during weekdays, thus balancing out the highs and regulating your overall monthly bill. As you get familiar with the system, you’ll feel a sense of control over a major recurring household utility expense.

Furthermore, with prepaid meters, as with prepaid mobile connections, you pay for what you use. This is advantageous in the long run, as you are not obligated to pay a minimum sum each month regardless of usage.

Easy and quick connections

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Prepaid electricity providers work differently from conventional energy companies. Leading prepaid power companies such as Texas-based Payless Power will offer you a new connection within hours of receiving your request—and the best part—they won’t consider your credit score or pester you for a long-term contract before giving you a connection. The only condition a new customer needs to meet is to be a resident of the area served by the company.

This system of unbiased and swift approval gives electricity access to tens of thousands of households that find it difficult to get a conventional postpaid connection for lack of a good credit score or some other term or condition.

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