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4 Retail Technologies That Will Change The Way People Shop

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Running a retail business is no easy task. You need to be constantly updated about the stock levels, will have to think of new marketing strategies and so on. The segment is also seeing the rise of new technologies that promise to revolutionize the retail industry. And to help you remain in touch with the latest retail technologies that are hitting the market, we list out a few of them below.


A curious piece of technology to look forward to is the beacon. This small thing will allow you to scan people nearby your store and send them real-time promotional messages. For example, if the beacon identifies that a potential customer is nearby, and the database indicates that they have already purchased from your store before, then you can send in a special discount offer of 10% valid for about 24 hours.  By doing so, you are increasing the chances of the person walking into your store.

Digital Mirrors

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If you are in the clothing industry, then you need to be aware of the revolution that will be brought in by the widespread adoption of digital mirrors. Unlike what the name suggests, digital mirrors are not exactly mirrors. Instead, they are displays with a webcam in front. When you stand in front of the mirror, you will be shown in real time on the display. You can then choose the clothing options from the display’s options and overlay them on top of your video capture. What this allows a customer to do is to check out how multiple dresses will look on them without having to actually wear them.

Interactive Outdoor Displays

There will also be an increasing use of Interactive displays that are placed outside the store. While they will display adverts like any other digital displays, what will truly make them stand out is the ‘interactive’ aspect of it. For example, a person can approach the display and quickly take a check as to whether a particular product is available at your store. Without an interactive display, they would have had to enter the store and inquire with a staff member. Many people may have found this to be time-consuming and decided against entering the store. But an interactive display lets them know about product availability in just a few seconds.   

RFID Tagging

Tagging inventory with RFID tags is now catching up with many retailers. Such RFID tags provide real-time account of how many products are on the shelf, how many have been taken out, which products need to be stocked soon etc. Knowing such things will help you manage your inventory better.

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You can also check out the various blogs, like the one at to remain updated with the changes in retail industry and tips on how to utilize them.

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