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4 Things That First Time Container Shipping Exporters Must Know About

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If you have just set up your export business, and are venturing into the shipping process for the first time, then you should ensure that you follow all the proper guidelines related to the shipment of goods. This will make sure that you have less chance of suffering any loss due to damaged goods or unnecessary shipping costs. Below, we detail four tips that you should follow which will definitely save you time and money.

Insure The Cargo

This is one of the most basic things that every exporter must know and practice right from their first shipment itself – insure the cargo. Do not skip on this no matter how complex you think the insurance formalities are. Cargo shipment is a risky affair, which is why there is an insurance policy for it in the first place. If you avoid insurance and the cargo is damaged in transit or is lost in the oceans due to some accident, then the resulting loss can shut down your export business even before you properly establish it.  

Use Padding

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The container is going to go through the rocky seas. As such, ensure that your goods are properly padded up and well cushioned so that even if they crash down the container, the goods don’t suffer any damage. This is especially true for things like glassware, ceramic ware and such. You may think about not using the padding so that you can have some extra space to cram in more of your goods.  But it is highly recommended that you do not act on such thoughts, and instead provide good enough padding for the items being shipped.

Avoid Demurrage

In the shipping container transport industry, there is a concept called demurrage. This essentially refers to the fee that the shipping lines charge a customer who does not return back the container within the permitted number of free days. And in some cases, the demurrage can keep increasing on a daily basis. This is an unnecessary cost you can easily avoid by ensuring that you have properly planned the unloading schedule for the container and that you do complete the unloading process within the decided schedule.

Declare Organic Items

Organic items like plants are treated very differently by the customs department than other items. Many customs departments also have strict regulations that make it mandatory for exporters to declare all organic items in the shipment. And if you fail to comply, they can hold your goods till they decide against it. And you will end up having to pay a hefty fine for violating the guidelines.  

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Follow the above tips and you will have a far easier time dealing with the shipment process. But if you neglect them, you will be putting yourself at great risk.

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