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4 Tips To Make Your Trade Show Booth A Success

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If your business is planning to set up a booth at an upcoming tradeshow event, then you will definitely be looking forward to making your booth a hit with the visitors. But making the booth a success is easier said than done. And to help you with this, we list out four things you must do to attract the maximum number of people to your booth.


Make sure that you get the best location for the booth. The best location is the place where the most number of people will converge. This alone will help you attract a large number of customers. For example, if there is a booth at the entrance, then it is inevitable that anyone who visits the tradeshow will definitely see your booth, and maybe decide to visit it. In contrast, if you set up the booth at the far end of the hall, then you are less likely to get as many visitors. You should know that the organizers will charge higher rates from such prime spots. But if you have the budget for it, then make sure to get the prime spot itself.

Look Of The Booth

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Make the booth as attractive as possible. When people see it from far, they should be instantly intrigued by it that they decide to check it out. Only then can your booth attract tons of visitors. Ideally, the booth must be designed keeping the theme of your business. For example, if your business is involved in mobile accessories manufacturing, then the booth must look modern and sleek, giving off a feeling that it has something to do with technology.  And if you run a spice import business, then you can get the booth designed in Indian or Persian styles.

Attractive Hosts

Have attractive hosts handle the booth. They must have a pleasing smile and a warm personality that makes the visitors comfortable enough to approach and talk with them. Many businesses ignore this aspect of the presentation, choosing to focus solely on the looks of the booth. This is a bad strategy. While a good looking booth will definitely get you visitors, ultimately it is the quality of the hosts which determines how many people inquire and show interest in your business. As such, even if you have to spend extra to get a pleasant, attractive host, we suggest that you do it.

Free Snacks

People love to eat. And the only thing they love more is if they get to eat for free. So, why not take advantage of it at the tradeshow? Set up a small counter right beside the booth and offer free snacks to visitors. Make sure that you display ‘free snack’ prominently enough that people from anywhere in the hall can see it. And when they come to the counter, they will obviously be exposed to your marketing material.

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So, try to use the above tactics at the trade show event and you will definitely get more visitors than usual.  And if you need any help with designing the materials for the tradeshow, visit exhibe.com. With many years of experience in creating trade show displays and graphics for various companies, they will make sure that your booth looks the best at the event.

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