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5 Advantages to Having an EPOS System in your Retail Store

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Retail owners face a tough battle every day of having to get their customers through the checkout process with ease and comfort which isn’t always that easy to achieve. If you’re just starting out in the retail world as a fashion store owner then you may not understand why it’s so important for you to invest in more expensive hardware rather than just going with a normal cash till; this is why we have created this guide on the advantages of EPOS systems.

An EPOS system is an integrated system that aims to make the checkout process as seamless as possible by organising, controlling and analysing cash transactions, reporting, monitoring staff and inventory. By having an EPOS system, you are able to leave all the monitoring and analysing aspects of your business to your till so that you can focus on the more important part of your retail business – the customer experience.

Read on and find out if an EPOS system is right for your business.

  1. Financial Accuracy

Financial accuracy is probably the biggest advantage of an EPOS system. There is nothing worse, more stressful and time consuming than having to manually count and calculate money and transactions. Traditionally, as a store owner, you may rely on your staff to correctly calculate their sales transactions, however, this can lead to mistakes and errors, potentially even customers being under or over charged. EPOS systems ensure nothing but efficiency in this aspect as they eliminate the chance of human error.

  1. Accountability
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With an EPOS system, you as a retail store owner have the ability to accurately monitor the performance of your staff. You are able to identify those employees who have high sales figures in order to reward them and improve customer experience. You’re also able to identify those who have poor sales figures or who are displaying unusual sales activity.

  1. Speed & Efficiency

EPOS systems are guaranteed to improve the speed and efficiency of transactions, which will also make sure your customers can get the best checkout experience possible. Similarly, your employees can focus on serving more people and improving customer support. When working in a retail industry, it’s no secret that customer experience is highly important for encouraging loyalty.

  1. Stock Management

Stock management is a great benefit of EPOS systems. Say goodbye to having to manually keep on top of your stock through tallies and charts and open your business up to a system that allows you to review your current stock levels with the tap of a screen. This could save you a huge amount of time so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

  1. Reporting

Having access to instant reports on all areas of your business is another huge advantage of electronic point of sale systems. If you want to improve the efficiency of your workforce or operations, having reports that outline everything that is going on in your business will definitely help. From reports about annual and daily profit margins to identification of top sellers, there are a series of different reports that you will have access to.

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