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5 Awesome Tools To Kickstart Online Presence of Your Business

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As almost all the companies move from brick and mortar stores to an online presence, the race is on for smaller businesses to capture their share of the online customer base. Yet the internet poses an entirely different set of challenges one which many small business owners aren’t really aware of.

This is why in today’s article I’m going to cover some of the most important tools that are out there which can propel your business to the next level. However, one disclaimer before we begin, technology evolves at a very fast pace and with that so does the Internet along with. The set of tools I’ll show you guys today will definitely provide you with a competitive edge over others, but nothing can replace good market research.

1. Wix Website Building Tools

The first step towards having an online presence is building a great website. Now there are several tools out there to build a website from the ground up, but in my opinion using the Wix Website Builder is probably the easiest as well as the fastest way to get it done. Why? Well Wix Website builder helps you not just make your website look awesome and stand out, the technical team behind the Wix builder makes sure that your website is fast and responsive. In a world where most people access websites through their smartphones, Wix’s Website Builder helps make sure that your website scales properly no matter what the size of the screen and remains lag free and fluid on all devices.

2. Wix SEO Tools

Now that you have a great website up, it’s time to make sure that your content gets recognised by everyone. After all, there are tens of millions of people who create content on the Internet, and while many of them have something unique and wonderful to share- most never get  the exposure they deserve. With the set of SEO Tools by Wix, you can save your fledgling website from fading into obscurity. Making a mark among the thousands of new websites that crop up everyday is no mean task so these tools by Wix helps you get noticed by leveraging social media signals as well as optimising your pages for better On Page SEO.

3. Wix Logo Maker

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The end goal for every website is to rank among the top search results on Google and have a dedicated audience base who engage with the website daily. The first  two tools that I mentioned will help get your small business up and running, but as you begin to rise through the rungs of Google searches; you’ll quickly be faced by a new challenge-building a brand. Without a smiling face or a physical location to associate with, building a brand on the online space is pretty difficult as the audience rarely gets to have a direct connect with the website. However, a professional logo sticks with  the audience and if done right can even portray the brand ethos to potential new customers within just the span of just a few seconds. This custom logo maker allows you to do just that and what’s more, it is free! So feel free to experiment with it as much as you like till you find a logo that perfectly matches your business ideals!

4. G Suite Mailbox

With a steady influx of new visitors on the website it is now time to make sure that you can turn them into loyal customers. One of the best ways  to do that is through a newsletter that contains the latest information and highlights of your website as well as the coupons and exclusive deals that you might want to offer to your audience! Now while this is possible to do from any email but having a brand-specific business mail boosts your credibility as well as lessens the chances if triggering the auto spam filters for various email clients. The G Suite Mailbox is perfect in this regard and a complete solution when it comes to handling business emails for a small to medium-sized online business.

5. Wix E-commerce Builder

The final stage of any successful brand venture is monetization. Now when the stage feels right and you would want to expand your business presence from just a website to an online storefront, Wix e-commerce builder comes in really handy. From creating product galleries to handling live chat, Wix takes care of the entire process and helps you provide your customers with their product on time, every time. A big part of the online shopping experience is customising a unique newsletter for every customer so that  they’re enticed into visiting the website again and again.

Online Business Marketing is a process and unlike traditional marketing, it is a much more nuanced and subtle procedure of customer acquisition retention and expansion. With these 5 awesome tools by your side, you’d be ready to face any challenges the Internet might throw at you in your quest to build a unique brand identity for your business!

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