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5 Benefits of A Good Night’s Sleep

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When did you go to bed last night? To many of those who were asked this question in a recent survey, the answers were appalling. Most people sleep late and wake up early, thus giving very little time to the body to rest. As we tend to work overtime, our bodies get tired and weak. You may know this is unhealthy, but do you know how much? Not having enough sleep can actually shorten your lifespan! Well, we’re not here to scare you, but we’ll certainly tell you how sleep is really, really important. Here are 5 benefits of a good night’s sleep, according to researchers:


  • Better Memory


Sleep boosts your memory and helps you function more efficiently. As your brain gets tired of work, it slowly loses energy to remember and process activity into your mental storage. Have you ever forgotten something important when you were in a hurry? It may be because your brain is tired. Sleeping for adequate hours each day is important for overall rejuvenation. For students, a good night’s sleep is crucial in remembering what you learned and memorized throughout the day.

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  • Keeps You Fit


Sleep keeps you fit. Lack of sleep can result in illnesses. Your body releases inflammatory proteins if you sleep less. The C- reactive protein, which has been directly linked to fatal ailments like heart attack and cancer is found in those who lose out on critical sleep hours, typically less than six. Now, new research has been able to find a direct link between lack of sleep and a shorter lifespan. A good explanation for this could be the loss of energy incurred by your brain, which ultimately weakens over time. So, make sure you keep your phone or laptop away at bedtime!


  • You Become More Creative


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Sleep has been shown to induce creativity. If you sleep better, there is a better chance that you may come up with new, amazing ideas for yourself. This is because your brain can rest when you sleep, thus allowing it to think better for you. For people who are into careers that involve strategy and planning, creativity is probably the most important part of your jobs, so ensure that you go to bed on time. Don’t believe us? Why not give it a go yourself and look for the difference?


  • No Depression, Better Attention


Lack of sleep has been linked to depression. People who sleep less are prone to be more depressed than those who sleep for adequate periods of time. It is also said that sleep can help you concentrate better. If your brain gets enough rest, it obvious you won’t have to drool during the day. You shall be able to work more efficiently. Should you happen to suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia, it’s best to get it treated, or it may ruin your permanent sleep cycle.


  • Stay Safe


We saved the most important one for the end. If you drive to work or travel often in a vehicle, sleep is something you shouldn’t do without. In a number of reports, people who have less sleep are shown to be inattentive at the wheel. Some have even dozed off right on the driver’s seat! While following traffic rules are important, if you are a commuter, sleep is very important too. Lack of it may cost you dearly, so why not just stay in bed for a few extra hours and remain safe?

If you’re reading this, you know how important sleep is for you. From keeping you away from being sick to improving your quality of life, sleep is a natural medicine that you can’t and obviously, shouldn’t do without. While it might keep you from completing that oh so important assignment before time, it’s certainly helping you stay safe. Remember this the next time you stay up late! Sweet dreams to you!

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