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5 Health Tips for People with Desk Jobs

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The hectic work life this generation is living is something that is quite a significant issue since people don’t feel active and energized right from the start of the week as they experience Monday blues and even at the end of our weekend they start feeling stressed about the week ahead! The solution to this attitude in workplaces lies in the kind of jobs that are keeping this generation glued to our desks and not letting them to be vigorous by moving around in the office or going out in the day!

Sitting all day on computers or laptops actually is making working people more of machines than human beings and it is harmful to health as well. People with desk jobs experience back problems, problems in their body posture and even increase in their weight because of spending long hours sitting! What’s best to do here is to follow some of the useful tips that can assist anyone to do some changes in their same desk job without leaving it and yet taking a good care of one’s health, here’s a list of these five best health tips anyone with a desk job can implement in their lives.

  1. Do the Work Standing

If we take a look at how many alternatives we have to feel active at a desk job, the first one is to try doing the work while standing. This has been implemented by many international firms where employees are given a proper standing setup to carry on their work. Even if you don’t have that setup, just try to install your computer on a bunch of books or even handling your laptop on a higher platform while working. This helps a lot in correcting the posture, keeping people active as well as bringing movement to a boring desk job.

  1. Take A Break

Have you ever heard of the Pomodoro technique? It’s a technique derived from those cute tomato timers and involves the process of setting up a 25-minute timer for working and then take a break for five minutes in which you can roam around, have a coffee or even go outside for work. This is a great refreshing routine to become productive at a boring day job.

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Take care of your mental health by taking a break from time to time, For more info about mental health, you can visit BetterHelp.

  1. Try Moving and Working

The next tip one can follow is to work while moving and there are several companies that has given desks with treadmills to their employees to add this health advice into their workplace. So, to use this advice, try finding different places at work where you can spend time on your laptop while also changing these places time-to-time so that you don’t get glued to the same working position. Being on the move always keeps a great energy within people letting them feel vigorous and refreshed.

  1. Check Your Monitor

Taking a look at your monitor screen is important because the top part of the screen should be in a direct level with your eyes. Then try looking down up to 10 degrees, this way your neck will be in alignment with your back as well as the screen you are focusing on.

  1. Add Exercises to Your Work

This is one of the simple ways to hype up your productivity and health at your desk job. It is the ideal tip for working women who want to add exercise to their day but have time issues! Exercises can be implemented in the workplace by doing those things yourself which you asks someone else for. Like get a cup of coffee yourself, or try to do some pushups on the desk or a standing jog. You can also look for some videos on desk exercises on internet as well.

Hence, these are the health tips that anyone can implement into their workplace to choose health over the stressful working life you are living. Once you will start adding these tips, you will see the effect coming into your days and making you more productive than ever.

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