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5 Innovative Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Sales

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Gone are the days when publishing an ad in a newspaper or distributing pamphlets used to be significant mediums of marketing. Modern marketing is not just limited to one-liner. A mere hashtag can get you far ahead of your competitors when done in the right way. Coca Cola’s #ShareACoke and RedBull’s #PutACanOnIt are some success stories you might be aware of. Although going to the digital turf for marketing may seem to be a lucrative option, it’s not an easy game with so many competitors out there. You need to set your sales goals right, and you need constant doses of creative ideas to achieve them!

Here are 5 innovative marketing ideas to increase your sales.  

1. Promote Your Business on Social Media

Local customers these days rely on online reviews to form ideas for a business. However, posting the latest customer reviews of your business on Facebook can boost your sales. You can post Facebook ads and use the right hashtags on Instagram and Twitter to spread brand awareness. Do consider using positive customer reviews in testimonials on the landing page of your website. Social media marketing is a latest

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a powerful tool to increase your sales. According to the study of marketing trends by Forrester Consulting in 2016, affiliate marketing is $5.3 billion industry. Brands which are offering commissions to third party websites and bloggers for every sale that takes place through them are eventually generating more revenue than their competitors.  These third-parties promote your brand and drive traffic to your site. For example, ‘Cut it Fine’ is a website that writes stunning reviews on knives. People follow the blog to get handy information before buying one. So, being a knife manufacturer, you can boost your sales by asking the website to mention your brand in their reviews.

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Online marketing has put tremendous power in the hands of the consumers. If you own a luxury brand, say a clothing line, influencer marketing on Instagram is a cool option. Influencer marketing even works for a new book launch and promotion of your restaurant chain. Further, it builds brand loyalty and creates a trust for your brand among customers.

3. Local SEO

Build brand identity and local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be correlated. As a smart business owner, you should consider hiring a search engine expert. An expert can help you with optimizing your content for fast loading on smartphones and creating curated contents after thorough keyword research. Further, you should register your website and business address on the Local Google+ pages. Succeeding with local SEO can help you reach your customers by even word-of-mouth.

4. Harnessing Data for Personalization Across Platforms

While data breach is making headlines these days, there are multiple customer touchpoints to collect their data legally. You can use a sticky menu on your landing page asking customers to sign up. Knowledge of customer data can help you figure out their tastes in products and this can help you deliver more personalized offers.  Further, you can save your time by automating your online marketing and advertising.

Since a single click is generating a vast amount of data, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data are changing the shopping experience in the coming days. Many online clothing brands are promoting their products through websites that can suggest clothes based on your data input like body shape, height, and complexion. If a customer buys the product, then the preferences are also saved which can help your company to offer personalized suggestions for the next purchase.

5. Email Marketing

This is not an easy marketing option. You need to ace the skill of emailing newsletters to escape being deleted immediately. According to a report published by Microsoft, you have just 8 seconds to capture the attention of your visitor or reader. So, just make your content crisp and to the point. Further, in order to succeed with email marketing, you need to build a large database of customers.  

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Offline promotions and advertising are difficult to track and most modern businesses have transitioned to the digital marketing. However, online marketing strategies demand more creativity than the traditional ones. The above mentioned 5 marketing ideas have been tried and tested by many companies and it would definitely work out for you as well.

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