Thursday, July 7, 2022

5 Proven Benefits of Having the Right Amount of Activity Implemented in Your Lifestyle

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Most of our work nowadays requires us to sit down most of the time. We sit down on our way to work, we sit on the cough at night and we only realize how stiff we are when our back or neck start aching. Having an active life can be challenging considering the unequal work hours and the chaotic schedule, but with a bit of discipline we could strengthen our body and mind.

#1. Manage Your Weight and Your Stress Levels

Working out not only helps keep your body in shape, it is the main way to control weight and help prevent diseases like high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, anxiety and depression. That’s right, working out in any way, forces you to focus on the activity itself and eases the pressure caused by stressful thoughts; therefore it improves your mood. With time you can also see the perks of enjoying a better self-image, thus boosting your confidence and making you feel more energized throughout the day.

#2. Better Stamina throughout the Day

Whether it’s cleaning weekend back at home or a really tedious day at work, working out helps you gain better resistance. You will not get tired as fast as you did before and resist better to physical challenges (let’s say carrying the weekly groceries up 8 flights of stairs). Making constant effort also improves your blood circulation and it’s needless to say that once combined with the mood increase, it raises your libido as well.

#3. Improve Quality of Sleep

That extra hour of pure effort every day helps you get much better sleep. If you choose to spend your time jogging through the park, inhaling fresh air or simply through more relaxing methods like swimming, Yoga or Tai Chi, your mind gets its own rest and helps you have a more profound sleep. Websites like GreenGoodnessCo help you find your preferred healthy activity close to your home, and StopSnoringResources will help you find the right devices to fix your situation, so if the issue was that up to now you had no idea if there were such places within your proximity, this could help.

#4. Create Anticipation

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You are way too familiar with the dread of getting out of bed in the morning. Now you can think about the day ahead that begins with a good work-out and sunrise with an exceptional breakfast while you catch up on your social media feed or news bulletin. What could be better than going to work relaxed, having had a couple of hours ahead for starting your morning in top shape?

Not a morning person? Sleep is all about habit, a pattern that starts to work after about 4 weeks. Try setting your alarm let’s say at 5:00 AM and wake up without hitting the snooze button or lying about for another half an hour. Stretch out, get out of bed and start with a shower. That will definitely wake you up. Then make a schedule of your following activities so you can leave on time for work. You could even push it and go by bike if you have a locker room at work where you could change clothes. Imagine all the time you would be saving.

#5. Body Movement: Get Up and Out

Forget about laziness and start your daily exercise routine. I know that this is what you hear all the time but it takes trying to believe. Give it a shot and surely you will start enjoying your new pace through life, be it by foot or by bike, you will always be a step ahead of yourself and with the passing of time, push yourself even further.

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