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5 Reasons to Choose Reseller Hosting Over Shared Hosting

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Choosing between shared and reseller hosting is a tough choice. The two are often confused with one another, and it can be hard to know the clear benefits of each service, thereby further complicating the process of figuring out which option is the best for your site. Whilst both have their benefits, here are 5 reasons to choose reseller hosting services.

1. You Can Host Multiple Websites

Using shared hosting for multiple websites can get expensive rather quickly. For each website, you need to purchase a separate package that fits your requirements for bandwidth and other server resources. However, when opting for reseller hosting, you purchase an initial amount of bandwidth. This gives you the option to create as many websites as you need under one account as long as you have the unused bandwidth. Not only is this much less of a hassle, but it also has the added benefit of convenience because all of your websites will be linked to one account. If the ability to access several websites from a single account is beneficial, reseller hosting is an absolute must.

2. Better Security For Your Website

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Shared hosting has weaker security because everything is shared. That means that if one of the sites you are sharing with becomes compromised, your website likely will be too. Since reseller hosting treats each website individually instead of as a group, your website is not at a higher risk of being compromised simply because a neighboring website was. If security is a concern for your website, reseller hosting is a much better option.

3. Best Performance For High Traffic Websites

A high traffic website can have a lot of difficulties with using a shared hosting service. Shared hosting services pool resources together between other websites that are using the same service – the hint is in the name!

If your website is receiving high traffic, it may not be getting as much bandwidth as it needs due to the bandwidth being shared with other websites. This could cause the speed of your website to decrease significantly or could even cause your website to crash.

By choosing a reseller hosting provider, you are buying your own server. This means that it will not be shared with other websites; all of the resources that you purchase will go directly towards maintaining your website.

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4. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization techniques are necessary in order to run a successful website, yet this can be difficult to do with a shared hosting service. Search engines work by analyzing data on a web page and displaying rankings based on how useful and relevant that data is determined to be. This is where issues can arise with shared providers.

With shared providers, all websites are linked to the same server. Search engines analyze websites on a server when determining how authoritative the data is. This can be bad news for you if another website on the server is displaying adult material or attempting to game the SEO algorithms, as these things will cause your website to rank lower in search results. If you receive most of your traffic from search engines, using a reseller hosting service will reward you with better results.

5. More Control

While both forms of hosting will grant you means of controlling your website, shared hosting services tend to give you access to cPanel which, while usually good enough to satisfy most needs, does not offer full control. Reseller hosting services often give you access to cPanel and Web Host Manager. The addition of WHM gives you much more control over things like bandwidth usage by your clients, parking domain names, and much more.

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Sam Martin works in Marketing for, the innovators of UK hosting. With more than five years in the business, Sam is always looking to discover new ways of simplifying the customer journey. When he’s not finding new ways to improve the hosting process, you’ll find Sam brushing up on the latest from the world of tech.

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