Tuesday, July 5, 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Facebook Pixels in Your Advertising Campaigns

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Have you ever online shopped on one site, sifting through listings of blouses and jeans, moved onto another site, and found an ad that sent you back to the product on that first site? It’s almost as if the internet was reading your mind, providing you with a simple “click” that will transport you back to that product you really want to buy, but know you shouldn’t. 

Welcome to pixel advertising technology. Quite simple, a pixel is an analytics tool that consists of a code you can put on your website, so you can track site visitors, retargeting them in the future. It’s like the lingering advertising tool you just can’t get rid of.

Specifically, pixels can be used for Facebook marketing, which is a powerful way to ensure your products/services are constantly presented to people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be leveraging the power of the Facebook Pixel:

  1. Retarget Website Visitors: When someone goes to your website and clicks around, they are leaving a digital footprint that can be tracked by your analytics. Facebook Pixels will enable you to track the movements of any visitors on your website who are also logged into Facebook. It will record which pages they viewed, which ones they didn’t, and when they visit the site. With this information, you can retarget these customers, reminding them to come back.
  2. Custom Conversions: To create a custom conversion, simply select a completion page, which can be some kind of thank-you page. With Facebook Pixel, you can create custom conversions independently of your Facebook ads. Since the pixel already fires on your website pages, you can now see when someone visits a completion page – especially users that have already clicked on your Facebook ads.
  3. Custom Audiences: In addition to targeting all of your website visitors, you can now create custom audiences to target people who visit certain parts of your site, spend certain amounts of time on your site, etc.
  4. Lookalike Audiences: These are audiences that Facebook generates people who exhibit similar behavior to your custom audiences. This can be based on elements of age, interest, location, etc. You can replicate an audience that already responds well to your product right through the pixel.
  5. Cost Savings: Since you can now curate custom and lookalike audiences, as well as custom conversions based on your analytics, you can save money by targeting the right people, right now. You no longer need a shot in the dark, hoping that you are going to find new consumers that are going to click the ‘buy now’ button.

Facebook has done its due diligence to make the leverage of Facebook Pixels simpler in recent times. However, there is still a lot that goes into this kind of advertising, which is why here at Digital Mission Media, we are happy to help. If you are looking to maximize the potential of Facebook retargeting, get in contact with our team today.

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