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5 Resources Australians Can Use to Obtain Proper Finance Information

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Seeking out financial information is difficult. If your experience is limited, then the terms can seem overwhelming. Hiring a financial advisor is only an option if you have enough money to spend to protect your money. This means that trusting sources is even more important when it comes to finances than when it comes to hotels or large purchases like cars. Below are five resources that you can use to help make your money decisions.

Australian Department of Human Services Website

When looking for valuable internet resources, the first place to look should be government websites. Government websites often provide insight into the laws that can help steer you in the best direction. The Department of Human Services provides a free, confidential service to all Australians that educates and informs. The “Managing your money” page offers payments and services to help handle money, information about borrowing/credit, ways to build savings, information about debt management, and tools to help make decisions. Since this is a government website, it has informational authority and should be one of your first stops.

Ask a Mortgage Broker

Contacting a mortgage broker can get you personalized financial information to help when making decisions. For example, this mortgage broker in Perth focuses specifically on education and accountability, referring to itself as “a personal trainer for your finances.” Instead of simply selling you a loan, these kinds of services also offer personal money coaches, also known as private bank managers, to help talk you through your decisions. If you fondly remember growing up and going to your local bank, this is the kind of business that can help you make your decisions.

Find an Online Expert with Resources

Sometimes, you just want to look up information without having to worry about making conversation. Maybe you just don’t want to deal with someone trying to make a sale. Thus, a website like the one provided by Quantum Finance is perfect. Once you find a well-respected mortgage broker, you can search to see if their corporate website has a “Resources” section. This section will provide you links to other experts such as settlement agents, industry experts, and governmental websites you may not have thought to read.

Read News Blogs

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Not all news is created equally. However, well known news websites often have financial blogs that can help update you on information relevant to your interests. One of the most reputable news sources for business, economics, and finance stories The Wall Street Journal. What you may not know is that many news organizations like the WSJ have their own blogs. The Wall Street Journal’s “Real Time Economics” blog was labeled on of Time’s “25 Best Financial Blogs.”


Read Personal Finance Blogs

Kiplinger, the well-known Washington, DC-based publisher of business forecasts and personal finance advice, listed its “10 Personal Finance Blogs Worth Reading.” Unlike the drier news blogs, personal blogs are often entertaining as well as informative. If you’re looking for information with a twist, Len Penzo dot Com is the place to be. Unlike the traditional finance blogs, Len Penzo has more traditionally titled posts such as “An Introductory Guide to Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning” but also has other posts with titles like “The 7 Most Popular Ways to Commit Financial Suicide” and “100 Words On: Why Inflation Is Taxation Without Representation.”

Finding the right financial sources on the internet shouldn’t feel like an informational roulette wheel. With this many experts, available, your browser’s “favorite links” can be your safe deposit box of financial information.

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