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Here Are My 5 Tips To Get You Started Creating Your Website!

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Step 1: Define a budget

Defining a budget is a vital step for the proper management of your more specialized project to make a profitable project, do not think your project on the internet with 100 or 200 euros, it is useless.

You have to see great, you have to see the project of a website as an investment and not an expense.

For this, be advised to think carefully about your strategy. Indeed if you want to spend on your website alone without a marketing strategy, you must be able to establish a strategy to communicate on your website. For example, social networks, forums, etc.

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So ask yourself the question: do I have enough time to dedicate to promote my site?

Step 2: Analyze Your Internet Marketplace

I will make it simple for this step.

My clients are on the Internet?

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To answer this question, the best solution is to do a traffic analysis on your keywords, words that match your business.

Do I have many competitors?

Same, with a keyword analysis it is possible to identify the competition and the test to test the forces involved.

Step 3: Complete your specifications

– Tree structure – Sitemap
– Graphical charter
– Features

Here are some examples of the points you want to think about if you wish I can provide you with specifications to give you ideas.

Step 4: Think about referencing

Very important step, just tell yourself that without an SEO strategy your customers will not find you on the internet or very difficult.

Indeed, SEO will allow your customers who are looking for your services to find you.

Says in this way, it gets closer to what is not the case, it takes a lot of work and patience.

The fact is Google ranking is not due to chance, it is possible to improve your positions and be more visible to your customers.

Step 5: Promote your site

The final and most important step, I mention in step 1 and 4, the bigger your budget is the more it is possible to promote your site with advertising campaigns. SEO is also a way to promote the website.

There are several possibilities:

1- Free (knowing that nothing is free, indeed time is money, but I teach you nothing …)

  • Social Networks
  • Forums
  • Promotion in your surroundings
  • Cold Calling
  • Etc …

2- Paying

  • emailing
  • Google Adword
  • Facebook Ads
  • Etc …

The ideal, in my opinion, is to “coupling” the free and the paying ones, it seems to me primordial.

Here I am done with my advice, I hope you helped to see more clearly.

If it is not the case or you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact me: Agence web Yvelines.

Guest Post by: 
Wibe Agence web Yvelines, we are not the only creator of websites,
We have a global vision, ie we are setting up a web marketing strategy
Which will allow you not only to increase your positions on Google but also to increase your business by converting your visitors into customers?
Indeed, we are aware that the purpose of a website is not only to have a beautiful design or thousands of visitors,
The most important are the return on investment, the notoriety and the contribution of business.
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