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5 Tips to buying a motorcycle helmet

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Every motorcycle rider needs a helmet for his or her safety. Helmets reduce the risk of death or severe head injury in case of an accident. Therefore, all motorcycle owners must invest in a helmet and in many states they are required by law. Many people search for helmets without any preparation. Several helmet options make it difficult to decide which one to pick. Here are five tips to buying a motorcycle helmet.

1.    Look for Stickers. Some organizations test helmet designs to ensure that they meet the minimum standards. Some of these standards include enough peripheral vision and collision standards. You should look for a helmet that is certified by such an organization. For example, the U.S Department of Transportation approves the best helmets. Therefore, American riders should look for the DOT sticker before buying any helmet.

2.    Know the Different Types of Helmet. Even before beginning your search, you should understand the six kinds of motorcycle helmets. Knowing the specific helmet type will narrow down your search options. The kind you that is ideal for you depends on how you use your bike and what you plan on doing while wearing the helmet.

•    The full-face helmet is the safest but relatively heavy and becomes hot in warm weather.

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•    The open-face helmet does not cover your face allowing you greater visibility and access to your face. However, it does not protect a very vulnerable area.

•    Modular Helmets have a chin bar that you can flip up allowing flexibility. Nevertheless, its’ structure is weak due to the presence of a hinge.

•    Half Helmets only cover the top and back of your head offering the least protection. However, it is a very light and cheap helmet.

•    Off-road helmets are designed for high-intensity sports biking.

•    Dual-sport helmets combine the qualities of off-road and highway helmets. They are ideal for people who ride for several reasons but don’t want to buy two helmets.

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3.    Helmet Size. You need to look for a helmet that will fit you. A loose helmet will jostle around as you ride and might suddenly block your vision. A too tight helmet may cause headaches. Look for a helmet that will touch your head but will not put pressure on you. Check that the helmet does not press down on your cheek, and temple.

4.    Price. Consider the amount of money you are willing to spend. If you are running low on cash, you can start with a simple helmet for your first purchase. Motorcycle helmets have a big price range. The most expensive helmets can cost over $1000 while you can find a cheap helmet with less than $100. Look for a helmet that will fit your budget but do not sacrifice quality.

5.    Replacement and Maintenance. Even the best of helmets go through wear and tear. A good helmet should last at least five years. Wearing a worn out helmet is like wearing nothing at all. The helmet could fail suddenly when you need it most. Take care of your helmet and ensure that you do not break it accidentally. When buying, do not just look at the outside, look at the soft interior of the helmet to make sure it will not wear out quickly.

After understanding these tips, you can start your search online on websites such as cool motorcycle helmets. Buying the right motorcycle helmet is crucial to make sure that you are safe and in compliance with the law.

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