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6 Actionable Ways to Make Money Online That Might Speak to Your Skill Set

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When it comes to making money online, there’s often a sort of “gold rush” mentality.

That is, people flock to trends to try to get in on the ground floor of the next big money-making scheme.

However, this results in an insane sense of competition and so much noise that it’s hard to tell who’s actually earning versus those who are little more than hype.

Look no further than the likes of blockchain and growth hacking as proof of what happens when people focus too much on trends. Sure, there are some success stories there; however, they’re few and far between.

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On the flip side, it may be more prudent for those looking to make money online to focus on tried-and-tested channels that in demand.

That’s why we’ve highlighted six ways to earn income which are proven to profitable. Based on your own skill set, you’re likely to find something that speaks to your strengths.

Build an App

With smartphone and app usage reaching levels like never before, producing apps is a no-brainer for those looking to take advantage of an ever-growing marketplace. Thankfully, businesses both big and small can get on board with app-building thanks to tools such as Buildfire.

With custom mobile app development, the key is to create something that speaks to the wants and needs of modern consumers. Whether it’s something related to an existing product you have or something totally new, don’t neglect the power of having a big idea.

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Create an Affiliate Empire

Although the landscape has certainly changed, affiliate marketing via blogging hasn’t gone anywhere. Coupled with the rise of social media and the fact that so many SaaS companies offer affiliate programs these days, it’s arguably easier than ever to make some serious passive income via blogging, vlogging and social ads.

For example, marketers are making a killing promoting products such as ConvertKit or Grammarly which are proven companies which offer decent affiliate deals. Double-dipping content via your affiliate blog and the likes of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter provide multiple avenues to send people to your links.

The more content you produce, the more of a snowball effect your affiliate links have. You don’t have to rely on sketchy industries or questionable affiliate programs, either. Just look for real-world products and services you actually use and start there to see if you could eventually promote them yourself.

Produce Your Own Digital Product

Beyond selling the products of others, consider creating your very own digital resource to sell. Informational products such as ebooks, webinars and digital courses are the bread and butter of online businesses who can tap into specific, marketable niche.

For example, you might sell an ebook on the art of dropshipping or making money freelance writing which speaks to a niche audience who want specific, firsthand information rather than something mass-produced.

Bear in mind that digital product success storiescan come from just about any industry. If you have knowledge you can package into an ebook or course, go for it.

Learn Social Media Management

Making money from social media beyond ad campaigns might sound like a stretch, but it’s more than possible. If you have experiencing navigating the various social channels including producing high-converting posts and copy, you have an incredibly marketable skill on your hands.

Note that social media spending is on the rise, including the outsourcing of social media management to freelancers and contractors. In short, brands need to post and publish more but finding the time in-house can be a drag. Offering social media management consulting and services can be a potential goldmine if you can find the right client.

Become a Digital Copywriter

On a related note, businesses are eager to find skilled writers to produce that ever-so-important content that drives their marketing campaigns.

Blog posts. Emails. Social copy. The list is seemingly endless.

If you’re a strong writer, chances are you can get started spinning your words into gold on behalf of busy businesses. Don’t settle for bottom dollar, by the way: digital copywriting can be a lucrative position considering that the average salary for someone in-house sits around $70,000.

Develop WordPress Sites and Themes

Lastly, anyone who knows the ropes of WordPress can easily transform their expertise into a career.

More and more WordPress sites pop up on a daily basis, although the fine details of optimization still go over the heads of many businesses. The massive marketplace of best-selling WordPress themesis also telling – if you can create a template that appeals to specific industries (think: beauty ecommerce or medical), you might have a bestseller on your hands.

There’s no denying that there’s money to be made online, granted you’re tapping into a field that speaks to your specific skills. No matter what your strengths might be, these fields definitely deserve your attention whether you’re looking for a full-time gig or some cash on the side.

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