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6 Easy Tips to Maintain Your Air Conditioner in Top-notch Condition

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Whenever you have an air conditioner, it might not cross your mind that much that you need to focus on its upkeep and maintenance. However, this is a super dangerous thing for you to be doing if you want to keep yourself from having to pay any nasty repair bills in the future. When you don’t maintain your air conditioner and keep an eye out for any kinds of repairs that might be needed, then your expenses are going to go through the roof and you’re going to be as frustrated as anything. Keep reading down below for some super easy tips that we have for you to maintain your air conditioner in top-notch condition for many years to come.

1- Make sure to keep an eye on your AC filters

Of course, the first thing that you’ve got to think about when you want to up-keep your air conditioner is keeping up with those AC filters. Your filters are one of the main components of your AC system. These are the little devices that are going to ensure the air coming out of your AC is clean and your air is coming out efficiently. If you don’t clean them off or replace them on a regular basis, then you are going to find yourself with an AC system that won’t work as efficiently and cleanly as it should.

2- You’re going to have to watch out for those coils

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When you think of your air conditioner, you might not at first think about all of the parts that make it up. These might be a bit too technical for you. However, you have got to know about the evaporator coil and the condenser coil. These two coils are some of the most important parts of the AC unit and they can easily get dirty over time. Whenever you have this happens, this dirt can block off the airflow and cause your unit to work at a reduced speed.

3- What about the coil fins?

When you’re talking about your coils, you have to also talk about aluminum coil fins that cover these fins. They can easily get bent and block air flow through your unit. This is going to decrease the efficiency of your AC and cause more breakdowns and maintenance required in the long-run by air conditioning repair professionals.

4- Condensate drains are also something to watch out for

One of the easiest pieces of maintenance that you can do for your AC is simply pass a small wire through the condensate drains. A lot of the times, these drains can get clogged up and cause extra humidity to get stuck in there. This is going to cause your unit to not work as well and require more expensive repairs in the future.

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5- Make sure that the window seals are on point for your window ACs

Of course, if you want your AC to work properly in your window, then you’ve got to ensure that the window seals are sealed properly. Not only is this going to keep your AC from falling out of the window into your yard or into your bedroom, this is also going to ensure that your AC is working at the most efficient levels. If all of the cool air is rushing back outside because the window seals aren’t installed correctly, then this is something to watch out for.

6- Always hire a professional rather than doing anything yourself

Of course, if you really want your AC to last for a long time and you want to ensure that you don’t have to have any expensive repairs done, they always call up an AC professional rather than doing things yourself. No matter how handy you think you are, it’s always best to have a professional (who has all the tools of the trade) do the work and maintenance on your AC unit.

Each of these points is really important to remember when you’re looking for ways to improve the lifespan of your AC unit. Keep them in mind!

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