Wednesday, July 6, 2022

6 Free Useful Web Tools You Can’t Live Without

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The Internet provides many tools that can be helpful and add value to your surfing journey.

The tools presented here in this post can all be used from a desktop browser. And it also goes in no particular order.

And below you will find this list of 6 online tools that are great, free and Useful:

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1. Password Generator:
Do you use any of these evil passwords (123456, Password, qwerty, Your kitty’s name…)?
So let me tell you that they are easy to hack and sooner or later someone is going to guess them. Then, hackers can steal your exposed passwords and access all your personal or even business information.
This is why it’s imperative to use a tool like “Password Generator” as a useful utility to create custom and strong passwords to meet different specifications and keep your accounts secure.
Visit also the website, to get more advice on how to protect yourself and know more about passwords security.

2. Free photo fix:
Do you want to get your photos fixed For Free?
So free photo fix should be your next web stop. With its easy-to-use and friendly interface, the tool offers many photo fixes and enhancement utilities.
This service is not bot work, but a team of professional photo editors that will edit your photo and sent it back to you in within few hours.

3. Free online logos and cool fancy text:
You started a new business or website and now it’s time to create a new logo or brand identity?
Use “Cool letters” to create an astonishing logo from a database with 100s of awesome designs.
Choose your style, add your text, play with some effects and you are done… Your Logo is now ready!

4. Free pic resizer:
When looking for photos online or trying to send yours, most of the time you’ll find yourself dealing with very huge pictures that you might need to resize. “Picresizer” will resize your image to your wanted sizes.
“Picresizer” can also enlarge your photos without losing image quality.

5. Create free tattoo designs:
“Tattoo font maker” will let you design a free tattoo within your own photo and in only 5 steps:
a- Enter the name you want to create as a tattoo.
b- Select a suitable font size.
c- Select the needed font style.
d- Select font colour, angle, arc, and/or direction.
e- Click the “generate button” and see the results.
It’s simple to use and within seconds you will have a stunning photo with a tattoo that you will love.

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6. Create free Avatars:
People use the internet to do just about anything, but first, they have to create an avatar. Avatars can be customized to create a most accurate likeness photo of yourself.
And with “The avatar maker” you can create, download, and share a photorealistic and great looking avatar for your web presence.


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