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6 Tips to Clean Your House in No-Time

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With the stress of work, social life and personal time, we often don’t find the time to do household chores. While many just hire a maid, it may not be affordable for students, or working professionals may not have times to coincide with the maid’s free hours. Household cleaning is a must- if dust is left to just sit in the house for too long it could affect one’s health, with complications such as bronchitis, asthma or other lung issues.

Cleaning out the house is no mammoth task, but it does consume some amount of time. If done regularly by one’s self, one notices that they can get the cleaning done faster and faster. While the floors must be swept every day, the bathrooms and racks can be cleaned less often.

If you too want to learn how to clean your house in no time, here are 6 ways.

  1. Get A Vacuum or an Air Compressor

Vacuums are a lot easier to handle, and they clear out every speck of dust. also, choose air compressor washers as alternatives to a classic sweeper. Make sure to get one that is reasonable, and consumes the least power (good energy rating). If you’re investing in a great vacuum cleaner, you might as well put in a few extra pounds and get an extension cord, of about 50 meters. This way you won’t need to keep unplugging it from every room. You can also get to those hard to reach corners of the house, which were restricted because there was no close enough socket. Vacuums prevent dust from rising in the air (sweeping the house with brooms does this), which reduces the number of dust particles that we breathe in.

  1. Dust the Cabinets on Weekends
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Set a designated 10 minutes on the weekend dedicated to dusting cabinets, before you sweep the floors. You could alternatively use a handheld vacuum for this. To reduce the rising of dust particles into the air, use a moist dusting cloth. If this is done every weekend, dusting with a moist cloth is much easier. Using a moist sponge works best, and all the dust that gets stuck to the sponge can be easily cleaned off with running water! Do dust the fans once a month as well! You certainly don’t want all that dust accumulated on fans falling on your head at some point!

  1. Hire the cleaners

There are some tasks that require the help of those outside of the family, such as sewage and drainage cleaning, water tank cleaning, and tile roof cleaning. These are a must (once in a year), and you can find many agencies for such in the yellow pages or the internet! You can even hire an apartment cleaning Chicago to clean the house before festivals such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. They get all their supplies, leave the house spick and span once they are done.

  1. Keep cleaning supplies at strategic locations

If you own a house or a duplex apartment, this tip will be super handy for you. Instead of keeping all the supplies stashed up at one corner of the house, keep it closer to where it is to be used. Keep a set of bathroom cleaning supplies on each floor of the house, preferably in one of the bathroom cabinets. This saves time for bringing the supplies up and down the stairs, which usually have to be carried carefully and slowly to avoid spillage.

  1. Do Not multitask

You may think that catching up on a tv show while you dust the hall is a clever idea, but you will just end up getting distracted and waste time. If doing your chores quickly is the main goal, finish it first and then resume watching the television. Listening to music actually improves speed in cleaning, as long as there is a playlist to last you throughout your chores. It also makes it less of a chore and more fun!

  1. Divide and Conquer

Split all the housework and grocery tasks amongst members of the house, and have them abide by it. You could alternatively circulate the tasks every week, so it doesn’t feel boring and monotonous. Parallelism is the key to getting things done faster, and once this rule sets in the house, chores won’t feel as tiring anymore.

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So these were some ways to clean your house in the shortest time possible. We hope you liked our tips!

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