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6 Ways to Heat Your Home Without Firing Up Your Bills

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When it comes to winter time, you might see your energy bills exploding through the roof. This is pretty common for many households as so many people just don’t know how to keep those heating bills down. And when the temperature drops, it’s super easy to just let that heater keep going without a care in the world until you see your bill at the end of the month. However, there are plenty of ways to heat up your home without making those bills hit the ceiling. Just remember the following tips and you are going to see your energy bills hitting all-time lows.

1- Take Out and Replace Any Worn-Out Weather-Stripping in Your Home

It’s super easy to forget about those weather strips that are protecting your doors and windows from letting in cold air. However, over time, these weather strips break down and need to be replaced. If you don’t take care of this, then you will see your heating bills explode as the warm air is let out through the cracks in your doors and windows. All you need to do is replace this weather-stripping with new material and you’ll be good to go!

2- Figure Out If Any of Your Electrical Boxes Are Creating Drafts

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When you have electrical boxes on any of your exterior walls without cover plates on them, then things can get a bit drafty. You are going to be letting out warm air from your home, driving up your energy bill, and letting in cold drafts that can make winter seriously uncomfortable and cold. The best way to deal with this is to get cover plates for any of your electrical boxes making it impossible for drafts to get in and hot air to get out.

3- Get Rid of Any Other Holes That Might Be in Exterior Walls

Of course, as might be common sense by now, you should definitely get rid of any holes in your exterior walls. You might not have noticed these holes before, but if you let them continue into the winter, then you are going to feel some cold drafts coming in, even when you have your gas furnace going. It’s super easy to fill in these holes and then paint over them with the paint of the room you are working in. Your energy bills are definitely going to thank you!

4- Figure Out a Way to Keep Your Warm Air from Getting Up Through the Chimney

One of the worst things about having a fireplace in your home is that when you’re not using it, then warm air can easily escape through and cause your home to cool down in the winter. Sure, you can try to close it up with the chimney flue, but warm air is still going to get out one way or another, driving up your energy bills. You can actually get a balloon, specifically made for chimneys that’s going to protect hot air from getting out.

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5- Insulate Your Attic Door

Tons of warm air can escape from the entrance to your attic, which is normally exposed to the outside. Make sure that the door is properly insulated, which means that no cold air is going to come in and no warm air is going to go out.

6- Keep Any Air Leaks Sealed with Ductwork

Whenever you look in your basement or attic next, be sure to check out your ductwork that you can see. There are often times when your ductwork might not be connected in the best way or there might holes that are causing warm air to escape. This is just asking for your heating bill to go crazy in the winter time when you have warm air going through your house constantly.

There you have it! These are the top ways that you can ensure that your home is heated properly and also ensure you aren’t spending too much money on your energy bills.

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