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7 Reasons to Buy a Property in Bodrum, Turkey

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Bodrum is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Situated right on Turkey’s brilliant turquoise coast, this little coastal town has grown into a popular tourist destination over the past few decades. Visitors from around the world arrive here to sink in the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean with white sand beaches leading up to it. When they walk into the town, they are welcomed by Bodrum’s historic landmarks, rich in thousands of years of history and culture. Imagine living here. We’ll tell you why it’s worth it.

1. Authentic and Sophisticated

The town of Bodrum is small, but sophisticated. People living here are friendly. The crime rate in Turkey is not too high, but Bodrum’s is lower. There are a bunch of nice nightclubs downtown, should you wish to party. If you shouldn’t, relax in your property in Bodrum in complete silence.

2. The Rich Go There

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Turkey’s rich and famous live in Bodrum. The reason for their choices is the views, the prices and of course the laid-back environment that we all love. This has caused many to call Bodrum “the most southern part of Istanbul”, in reference to the city where reside the who’s who of Turkey.

3. There’s Great Connectivity

The Milas – Bodrum airport located northeast serves the towns of Milas and Bodrum, and is connected to Ankara, Antalya and Istanbul along plenty of international destinations, such as Doha, Minsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sharjah, Belgrade, Amsterdam, London, Kyiv, Berlin, Reykjavik, Paris, Brussels… it’s a list too long! Why not check out the Bodrum Airport Website? If travelling by road, you can connect through Bodrum bus terminus or its railway station. Doing it in style? Leave by boat.


Views are the one of the single great things that could have your praising the settlement all day. Bodrum overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and its brilliant blue waves and white beaches. You shall never go tired of looking out at the serene beauty. If you do, however feel the need for a change of look, there’s years of history waiting for you in and around Bodrum. Drive along the coast to cities further east or north for more spectacular views and ruins.

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5. The Sea at Your Service

There are a lot of boat services on offer in Bodrum. You could easily hire a boat and sail for hours at your pleasure. Does this bring back memories of those wallpapers of a sun setting behind the waves in an endless sea? This is your chance to experience it for real.

6. All Year Round Living

Bodrum is designed for residence all year round. Its coastal location keeps it from getting frozen in the winter and unbearably hot in summer. In June, daylight lasts for about fourteen hours, allowing you to make most of your day. While other parts of the world can get very cold, Bodrum sticks to an average of 12°C. Summer months are warm, but compensated by cold winds and the sea that you can dip into.

7. Going Greek?

Bodrum is a stone’s throw away from many ancient Greek islands. Okay, maybe not a stone’s throw, but pretty close all the same! You could take a boat right across. As it is part of the Greco-Roman circuit, there’s lot to enjoy and you could literally enjoy a slice of kebap as you walk blissfully on its ancient shores. If you hold a powerful foreign passport, you shall be entitled to the luxury of a visa free entry to an offshore Greek island! If you have a foreign passport and still need a visa, worry not, for the visa application office in Bodrum will get you your document very quickly.

Turkey is a traveler’s dream. Situated on the very crossroads of Europe and Asia, the land has seen many diverse changes, owing to its location and culture. Greco Roman ruins stand alongside Ottoman mosques, highlighted by a clear sky and bordered by sparkling waves. The Turkish experience, as we know it, can never get old enough. If you wish to live on holiday, there is no better deal than this one. Choose wisely.

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