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7 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Market Your Business

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Social media marketing remains one of the most effective methods of both paid and free marketing strategies for businesses. As more and more social media platforms come up, companies are often unsure and confused about the right way to market over these channels. Well, here are seven tips that may help you market your business over social media.


Use infographics and creative images

Social media marketing is all about grabbing viewers’ attention, interacting with them and exploiting their unique networks via likes and shares. Infographics offer a creative way to visually display information using words, numbers, and images. They can effectively pass a message faster than long white papers and articles. In fact, infographics are one of the most shared types of content, making them an invaluable component in social media marketing.

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Customize your business’ Twitter page

Is your business’ Twitter page a proper reflection of its products, services, and brand? If your Twitter profile still has the default look, chances are you’re letting down your company and brand. Use a personalized Twitter background to have a truly memorable profile page.


Update your images

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People judge anything online by its appearance. That is why it’s vital to pay attention to your blog images and profile photo. Using free online tools, you can edit and update images on your social network accounts.


Automate your posts

Automating your social media posts saves your time and lessens your chances of allowing your accounts to be dormant. Set aside some time every week to create all your posts for the whole week. Then just schedule them to show at various times all week with the automated service, rather than posting all of them at once. Many businesses are now using a bot for Instagram, too.


Pay attention to your timing

A smart social media strategy takes timing into consideration. If you publish content or post updates late at night when almost everyone is asleep, the content will be pushed too far deep in news feeds by the time people wake up. Most experts add that posting to Twitter and Facebook in the afternoon and a little later during the week produces the most engagement and views.


Consider outsourcing

If you’re so busy with other areas of business management to deal with social media, you should consider outsourcing this job. Hiring a social media intern or virtual assistant to manage your social media a few hours each week is worth it if it frees up some time for you and brings new clients. You can get qualified virtual assistants and freelancers on sites like Upwork and Zirtual.


Focus on meaningful interactions

Social media is designed to be interactive. Instead of just posting and leaving, you should spend time creating relationships with other business owners and customers. Follow companies and people on all your social media platforms, re-post what you love, and spend time answering questions or addressing concerns in an open, professional manner.


Take it step by step. A genuine social media following takes time. But with hard work, your business will begin to make waves on social media. Remember that letting your accounts lie dormant is the worst mistake you can make. Stay engaged and consistent and your social media presence will pick up steam.

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