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8 Quick Facts about Online Degree Programs

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Online college education has disrupted the way students and working professionals acquire college degrees, and with an increasing number of well-established educational institutions offering a wide range of online degree courses, it is no longer taboo to earn your Bachelor’s or Master’s online.

If you’re exploring taking a degree program online, here are some quick facts that will familiarize you with the world of online learning.

The concept of online college

Online schools are institutions that offer college-level education online—that is, via the internet. Online college programs break the traditional barriers of time and location and bring a wide variety of degree programs and short-term courses to students wherever they are.

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Quality of education

Accredited online schools offer the same level of education as traditional schools, imparted by qualified faculty. Just like in a traditional college, students are required to pass exams and earn the required credits to acquire a degree. Online learning requires as much hard work as physical classes—however, a key advantage of taking an online course is that students save both time and money in commuting and can study wherever and whenever they want.

Cost of education

While the overall cost of a degree course depends on many factors, online college education generally costs less than traditional classroom-based programs. Typically, students save significant money on transportation, accommodation, and living costs associated with studying at an out-of-state traditional college.

Transfer of credits

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If you enrolled at a traditional college previously but could not complete your education for some reason, the credits earned at an accredited brick-and-mortar college can be easily transferred to an online school.

Advanced degrees

Many accredited and prestigious online schools offer both Master’s and Doctoral degrees in a number of subjects, aside from Bachelor’s programs.

Scholarships and grants

Several online courses are as eligible for federal loans, scholarships and state and private grants as their traditional counterparts. When shortlisting online schools for your higher education, check if your program is eligible for an education grant.

Recognition of online degrees by employers

Traditionally, companies used to be wary of candidates with online degrees and this continues to be the case with some employers; however, with more and more students and working professionals enrolling for online programs each year, the industry mindset seems to be changing. The key to earning an online college degree that will be valued by your potential employers is to study at a prestigious and accredited institution that is known for providing quality education.

For more on how to find the right online school for your college education, check out the comprehensive online education guide at

Accelerated online degree programs

Some online schools offer students the option to fast-track their college degree, which can be done by taking accelerated classes; earning credit by taking an examination (CBE/CLEP); credit for life experience or past learning; dual enrollment; and credit for military training.

Accelerating your online degree course requires dedication and commitment as you’ll be required to spend more hours per week studying and completing assignments.

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