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9 Key Ways To Boost Your Employee Morale

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There are plenty of companies and businesses out there that just don’t do enough to maintain positive employee morale. There is a myriad of incredibly easy tools you can use to keep everyone on staff as happy as possible. No matter how bad things may be for business or even individual personal lives, these tips can really help keep the team spirit high:

1 – Daily Meetings

When things are at their worst, being quiet only makes it pierce through even further. Consider having small meetings every single morning or afternoon to discuss how the company is progressing towards its goals. You can even stand in a circle or huddle together. This will help energize everyone and keep the mood both focused and positive.

2 – Break From Routines

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It’s easy to feel a bit down when every single day seems to bleed into the next. With this in mind, consider changing up employee schedules where possible. For example, maybe alternate late starts on Mondays to help people ease in more comfortably after the weekend.

3 – Remember The Benefits Of Your Work

It’s common to lose enthusiasm for working at times; it happens to everyone. It’s important to consider the benefits the job really has, however, both personally and for all of the customers whose lives are made better because of it. Make sure these points are focused on during your meetings.

4 – Keep A Thankful Atmosphere

It couldn’t be simpler. Be sure to say thanks to everyone for all they’re doing. Furthermore, go into specifics and recognize key achievements throughout the week. If your employees feel appreciated, they’ll be much happier to keep showing up and giving their best.

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5 – Hear Your Employees Out

If someone has a problem, it’s important that they know they can express themselves. You can meet with employees on an individual basis or address departments as a whole. Just be sure not to address any smaller problems with everyone around. Some issues may be private, and it’s important to be sensitive to everyone’s needs.

6 – Tackling Burdens Yourself

If one or more employees are struggling with certain customers or one particular part of their work, see if you can tackle the issue yourself. You don’t want to overextend and do everyone’s work for them, but stepping in to help every once in a while will be appreciated. This is especially useful when it comes to problems with difficult clients. If your employees see you’re willing to step up, the sense of togetherness will be truly palpable.

7 – Change Things Visually

A stale physical location can easily drive people batty. Consider taking your team out now and then. You can volunteer for local organizations or even go out together for lunch. On one occasion, surprise everyone by having the workspace redecorated in some form when they return. New paint on the walls, carpeting, artwork, or even the addition of some plants can break up the monotony. Even simply having the floors cleaned and air freshened up can achieve a lot. Here are some good tips from Quintiles on raising staff morale.

8 – Provide A Rest Area

It’s important to keep a quiet area where employees can sit to themselves or even have a cat nap. Communal break rooms are commonplace, but a dedicated room with a comfortable chair or couch where someone can really collect their thoughts in a private way is a true luxury. This can be especially useful if you have employees that work a lot of overtime hours!

9 – Surprise Everyone With Occasional Treats

Free bagels or donuts for the conference or break room are always a nice treat. You might want to go a step further to make everyone feel truly appreciated, however. For example, arrange to have a massage therapist come in for some shoulder or back rubs. You can even hire an art instructor to come in and hold some impromptu art classes during downtime! The possibilities are endless.

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