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9 Tools to Boost Productivity And Free-up Time

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In today digital epoch, there are apps for almost everything. And in this list of the following new and innovative apps can help Entrepreneurs to boost their productivity.

1- Slack
Slack facilitates communication through messaging within team members and enabling delegation and assigning of tasks as well as overall supervision. This app boosts growth by allowing team members to easily and effectively communicate with each others. Slack is simple and accessible on any device including desktops and mobile.

2- Google Docs
This app gives you and your co-workers the aibility to collaborate on documents on the cloud. Google Docs is important in situations where the employees’ team up to perform certain tasks and can all contribute to that speific task without being in the same location.

3- Dropbox
A secure cloud storage service that allows anyone to store and share documents from any device with an internet connection including. it’s easy, simple and allows users to drag and drop files into folders which can be shared easily. Regardless of the distance, any document will be received instantly.

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4- Evernote
Evernote is an app designed to allow individuals to take notes, write to-do lists, snap pictures and screenshots, save the website, and create a wide variety of notes that are stored in the cloud and easily accessible from any device. The app can also be used as a tool to share notes and ideas within the business.

5- Expensify
One can also boost business efficiency by monitoring the financial resources of a business. Expensify is an app that enables one to keep track of expenses by enabling you to link your credit or debit accounts to the app. This is essential as there is need account for all the resources of a business without having to go through the bank statements.

6- Doc Scan
At a certain point, individuals are usually swamped with a lot of work such that there is no time to go to the copy/scanner machine. In such a situation, Doc Scan can come in handy as you will just be required to scan the documents using your Smartphone’s camera. It also allows you to enhance the text and convert it into a PDF file for easy sharing. However, this is not a permanent solution but can be effective in the case of an emergency.

7- OmniFocus
This is an app designed to improve the process of managing tasks by allowing one to manage as well as sync email inbox, to-do list, calendar, and ongoing projects among others. This app is available for Mac, Apple Watch, and all iOS devices. It allows an individual to organize tasks into various perspectives such as ongoing, planning, and upcoming among others. This allows the business to set priorities and ensure that all the tasks are performed.

8- CamCard
Networking is another important aspect of boosting efficiency. As such CamCard is an app that facilitates networking by allowing individuals to scan business cards, manage contacts as well as sync them rather than the traditional way of keeping a pile of business cards.

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9- Social media apps
Using social media apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn among others can be an effective tool in boosting a business’ growth. Each of these platforms is a tool that business owners should take advantage of as they are simple to operate and manage and have a high potential for increasing the efficiency of the business.

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