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Ahavel Aborishade, Business Leader, Shares 10 Ways to Become a Stronger Entrepreneur in 2019

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If you want to become a stronger entrepreneur in 2019, it is imperative you develop a detailed action plan. Wanting to be a better business builder is an admirable goal, but doesn’t mean much if you’re not willing to actively pursue improving your odds of success. If you’re an entrepreneur determined to make this your best year yet, consider integrating the following 10 tips presented by tech entrepreneur Ahavel Aborishade for your entrepreneurial plan-of-action for 2019.

  • Work on improving your skills. It’s much easier to become successful as a business builder if you are constantly working on increasing your education and honing your business development talents. This includes everything from business management skills to product development and marketing.
  • Look at each day as a new opportunity to change your future. Don’t wait for the start of a new year to make business resolutions. Focus on small changes you can make each day and approach your mornings filled with enthusiasm and drive.
  • Don’t expect to coast through life doing the bare minimum to build your business. If you aren’t prepared to put in the hard work, improve your knowledge, and invest in your future, your chances of building a thriving company are diminished. Hustling and growth-hacking won’t make you a formidable entrepreneur; being willing to work harder than everyone else will set you on a path towards business success.
  • Become a shark when it comes to listening. Some of the strongest entrepreneurs are those who hone their listening skills and constantly look for opportunities to learn. Whether it’s watching TED talks from inspirational leaders or listening to podcasts to increase your knowledge, your biggest opportunities to become a stronger entrepreneur are located on either side of your head.
  • Learn the life lessons business teaches you. Stop making the same mistake over and over again. Understand that the universe is trying to teach you specific lessons in order to help you grow as a business builder. Once you start analyzing mistakes and using your analysis to become a stronger entrepreneur, you’ll feel like kicking yourself for not adopting the practice sooner.
  • Remove stress from your day whenever possible. Don’t court stressful situations, but instead focus on activities that help you feel in control and present in the moment. Entrepreneurs who learn to immerse themselves in positivity and look for serene moments tend to be happier and better able to focus on building their companies.
  • Start measuring your daily output in terms of productivity, not by how busy you are. Entrepreneurs who focus on being productive and completing items on their task list tend to get more accomplished in a day than those who are frantically busy without ever accomplishing much.
  • Look for opportunities to extend your product/service offerings. Don’t be happy to settle for the status quo or offer a product/service in a simple way. How can you add extra value for your target customers and how can you innovate on an idea others are failing to maximize? Approach business development with the mindset of an inventor and innovator to discover opportunities others fail to see.
  • Learn how to become more focused as an entrepreneur. When you focus all your efforts on one task at a time, you’re able to power through your to-do list at a much faster rate.
  • Don’t let the doubts of others stop you from achieving your entrepreneurial dreams. Others will doubt whether you have the drive and determination to build a thriving company. Let the joy you feel in building a brand you can be proud of be the force that keeps you going when others question your ability or vision.

Work these 10 tips for entrepreneurs into your 2019 business development strategy, and this just might be your best year yet. Becoming a stronger entrepreneur doesn’t just magically happen. You must develop a plan-of-action if you want success to be yours. What steps will you be taking this year to ensure you become a better entrepreneur in 2019?

About Ahavel Aborishade: Ahavel Aborishade is a business leader, tech aficionado and an emerging entrepreneur in the technologic world. Focusing on building a better future for those around her, Ahavel uses her passion for technology and community to create nuanced applications that enliven daily experiences.

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