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All about Drill Bits

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Drill bits are the long and slender cutting tools that are fitted onto the head of an electric or cordless drill. When buying bits for your power drill, it’s important to know the basics such as material, function, cost, and longevity of different bit types. What is the type of material you work with most often? What exactly should the drill bit achieve? What is your budget? These are some of the questions you need answering when scouring the internet or your local hardware store for quality drill bits.

Drill bits are generally distinguished by the material they’re used on, as follows.

Metal Drill Bits

Metal bits are designed to withstand the heat generated from drilling into metal. They can be easily used to drill through all kinds of metal as well as other hard surfaces, including plastic. High-speed steel drill bits are great for gliding through hard substances such as cast iron. They are designed for high-speed drilling and can withstand extreme pressure.

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Other powerful metal drills include those made by combining steel and cobalt and steel bits coated with titanium for additional strength. Contractors and technicians use these for high-powered drilling into the hardest metals. Experts recommend investing in cobalt bits if you frequently work with hard materials.

Wood Drill Bits

There are many different types of wood drill bits, and knowing which one does what makes it easier to invest in the right one. Some common terms you’ll come across when browsing wood drilling bits are spade bits, brad-point, countersink and auger.

Spade wood bits are available in various sizes and are ideal if the job involves making large holes into different types of wood. Brad bits are loved for the way they are shaped. The bit has a brad (sharp, pointed tip) that fixes onto the material, giving you a steady hand as you blast into the wood.

Auger drill bits have a spiral design that drills deeper than the average drill bit. Because of their unique shape, auger bits don’t need as much pressure to move further into the material.

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Yet another type is the countersink bit, which is used in special cases when you don’t want the screws showing on the surface of the item you’re building. A countersink bit is designed to drill a hole that’s big enough to house the head of the screw.

Special-Use Drill Bits

Masonry drill bits have a special shape or tip that makes it easy for them to move through tough materials such as brick, stone, and concrete. The bit breaks the material into fine pieces and clears them away as you drill deeper. Then there are special drill bits made to work with fragile materials such as tiles and glass.

Whether you’re looking for a drill bit for a cordless drill you own or planning to buy a new drill altogether, pick from only the best cordless drill brands available on the market. But before that, do your research so that you can distinguish between a good product that’s worth its price and substandard ones that shouldn’t even make it your shortlist.

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