Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Amp.i.Am, A Light And Battery-Free Amplifier For All Your iDevices

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What if a small device can let you enjoy your favourite headphones, even after Apple remove the audio jack from the iPhone forever? And What if the same company is allowing you to enjoy the premium sound you get from Hi-End audio gears and make it available on your same iPhone without the difficulties, lousy interfaces, or extravagant costs?

MagTunes, an Australian company, founded by two friends, an Industrial Designer & an Audio Engineer, is working on a new device called Amp.i.Am that can enhance your music experience while solving the next iPhone7 problem at a very reasonable cost.

This is not the first company product but Amp.i.Am is a new device that aims to make every minute of our music experience to an enjoyable one.

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So whatever you’re doing, jogging, on your way to work, or just chillaxing, anytime, anywhere; with the new Amp.i.Am you can enjoy a fine and lovely listening experience that works with all headphones on the market.

Amp.i.Am main features are:
– Better Sounding Music: It’s an Amplifier that works to enhance the music experience.
– Control buttons: 3 control buttons that perform 14 different functions, including volume control and Siri commands.
– Battery Free: No need for a battery or external charger, just enjoy!
– Feather Weight: It is light, and weighs only 7 grammes.
– Compact Size: Small and with a very sleek Design.
– Apple Certified: It comes with an Apple C68 MFi Lightning Connector.
In an earlier interview with Shane Johnson, the mind behind Amp.i.Am, he described the device as: “Amp.i.Am is an Amplifier that is made specifically for the i-devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod that makes the sound on any headphones sound Amazing. Amp.i.Am is for everyone.

The product is still in the funding stage, this is why I encourage everyone who loves to enjoy studio-quality, clearer, richer and crisper music to participate in the Amp.i.Am funding campaign.

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