People have tried for years to camouflage their license plates with many solutions like plastic wrap, hairspray, and specialized spray formulas, and none have held.
And today the use of photo radar and red light cameras is becoming frequently popular across the world. And with the growing need for cash by states and world’s governments, it is likely that the use of speed cameras and red light cameras will grow dramatically in the future.

But BeatTheLight’s Anti-Infrared Camera Number Plate Covers are proven to provide protection against photo radar, red light cameras, and speed cameras. It works simply by making the license plate numbers unreadable by the camera and has many features like:
– 100% clear! No unwanted attention from law enforcement.
– Plate visible to naked eye from any angle. Ultimate stealth!
– Beat costly tickets! Save $$$ on tolls & tickets. How much could you save?
– High-tech defense against new police tricks!
– Works day or night!
– Installs in only seconds! Ultra-thin! Fits all plate frames!
– Guaranteed shatterproof!

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