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Are You Forgetting About These Simple SEO Saves?

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As a blogger, you do need to think regarding SEO. SEO is the key to expanding your audience base and making sure that your website gets the interest that it deserves. Unfortunately, though, a lot of bloggers do make some simple mistakes when it comes to SEO that has serious consequences. You might also be missing out on some saves that could easily propel your ranking up a few pegs. So, let’s look at some of the best ways to boost your SEO that you might have forgotten and a few mistakes you definitely want to avoid.

Content Is Only King If You Have The Right Crown

You might have heard that phrase before. It actually comes from tech superstar Bill Gates, and it’s very popular with bloggers. This isn’t surprising as most people recognise content as one of the most important ranking factors. However, it’s important to note that content is only effective if it’s high quality.

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The temptation would be to fill your site with junk content that’s fast or easy and hope that this makes a difference. You might see a slight, short-lived impact on your rank, but that will quickly disappear after you are hit with a Google penalty. This will lead to a long, difficult road to recovery that’s best avoided altogether.

The best analogy for content is fast food versus a home-cooked meal. Fast food may taste fine at first, and it’s cheap, but a home cooked meal is likely to fill you up for longer. So even if it requires more effort, it’s definitely worth it. In other words, spend more time and effort on your content, and you won’t regret it.

The Host Gets The Most Traffic

It’s crucial that you are hosting your blog or website. By not hosting your site and instead piggybacking off a server, you’ll have a limited level of control. Failing to host a site is like renting an apartment. Yes, space is technically yours, but you’re restricted on the changes that you can make, and if you try to do too much, you’ll run into issues.

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Failing to host your blog will eventually lead to problems with both speed and performance. Both play a part in determining your ranking, and both will ensure customers click off before it even loads. If your site is taking more than a few seconds to load these days, it’s already dead in the water.

The good news is that hosting is cheap and probably one of the smallest bills you’ll need to pay when you’re running a professional blog.

Get Your Blog Labeled Safe

You might have heard about the movement from HTTP to HTTPS. Switching to HTTPS will encrypt your site and ensure that all information being transferred through it is secure. HTTPS sites are also being favored by the Google algorithm, so you definitely want to make this change.

But it’s not just about getting an SEO boost. You need to avoid the ranking handicap. Right now if your blog is still running on HTTP, it will be labeled as unsafe in Google Chrome with an unfriendly red warning symbol in the search bar.

Polls have suggested that over 80 percent of users are going to click off your site if they see this symbol. That’s a problem because around 1 billion users favor Chrome over other search engines. The good news is that the issue is simple to fix so migrating your blog can be a headache and hassle-free.

Don’t Just Optimize Content, Optimize It All

When website owners think regarding optimization, they almost immediately head to the main bulk of their content. That’s why you get articles with 20 different links, and the keyword plastered in a hundred times. Not only is this dangerous for a marketing campaign, but it’s also not effective. You’re missing out a huge chunk of info on your site that also needs to be optimized.

Headlines and article titles need to be optimized, meta descriptions and much more. Any information added to your site should have the keyword that you are targeting at least once.

The same is true for pictures. You can optimize any images that you add to your site. Images that you add won’t load on every search engine or device. When this happens, alt text appears. You can optimize this when you are editing your blog and make sure you get the SEO benefits of doing so.

Get Rid Of Those Paid Links

You might think paid links are a great, easy way to push up your SEO ranking. Not so fast though, because Google doesn’t see it that way. Google sees paid links as a way to artificially boost your ranking which will result in a penalty. It’s a black hat tactic, and instead, you should be using white hat options such as building up that content.

It Won’t Sell Itself

You probably believe once you have added a beautiful, brilliant article to your blog, the work is done. Before long, you’ll be getting lot’s of interest, hundreds of shares and thousands of clicks, right? Wrong, because content, particularly on a young domain won’t get any of this without promotion.

To promote the content, you can try a variety of different strategies. You may want to reach out to customers or influencers on social media or contact similar sites to your own that have the same target consumer but are not competitors. Basically, you need to make sure that you are link building, getting your site connected to other areas of the web that could help boost your brand. Guest posting is another example of this that you should certainly consider.

By guest posting, you can gain interest from the readership of another blog and hopefully, pull them over to yours. You would be amazed how many blogs and websites are interested in partnering up. Remember, they are working towards the same goal as you. If you can help them and they can help you, that’s a win-win.

Using this information, you can easily strengthen your blogging SEO strategy.

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