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How To Attract Prospects To Your Booth at Tradeshows

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Trade shows are the perfect meeting grounds for buyers and sellers. Buyers often attend trade shows mainly to learn about the latest products and trends, as well as try some of the exciting products on offer. This, therefore, means sellers have to market their booths pretty well to attract the right audiences their way. The scramble for viewers leads to a tag of war between various competitors, with the best scooping much of the traffic and audiences. The key to attracting more prospects your way lies with how your booth is organized among other factors. Outlined below are a few tips how to attract more audiences to your booth.

  1. Find a convenient location for the booth

Where your booth is located will determine how well you will get to woo more audiences into the same. Prime locations often receive the most traffic, with those on the edges receiving the least traffic. Getting a spot in a prime location, however, means digging deeper into your pockets. If possible, start planning for this many months in advance to be able to secure the perfect spot for the booth. Take advantage of advance preparations to negotiate a contract as well. This is especially important if planning for the long term.

  1. Work on its aesthetic appeal

The design, color, and theme of the booth play a significant role in the type of audiences it will attract. To be on the safe side, put some effort in its design, and use bright, inviting colors as well. These will help draw the attention of those walking by and visitors too. Optimal lighting, exhibition panels, and clear signage are also required to direct target audiences your way.

  1. Make it welcoming

Aside from an excellent design and visual appeal, you need to work on its ability to attract customers your way. Have some pamphlets, flyers, and reading materials printed, and also consider including an HD screen for video presentations. You will also need some professional but smiley faces as attendants in the booth to top it up.  The attendants should be knowledgeable of the products/services on offer. You will also need several attendants to be able to attend to all audiences on the go.

  1. Use trained booth hosts
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You will need several booth hosts to help answer simple questions as well as direct interested buyers to the right staff members. Having these booth hosts trained on the products/services is one way to ensure all the audiences are attended to accordingly.  If the occasion allows it, have a singer, model, magician, or an entertainer help attract more audiences into the booth.

  1. Offer exclusive discounts

Although many of the audiences will be out to learn, some prospects may want to buy some of your products/services. Make it known that products on sale during the show are on offer or special discounts. This could be done in a poster, or have someone announce the specials.

  1. Offer promotions and contests

Contests provide an excellent way for people to participate as well and have fun during trade shows. You will be amazed at how many people will be willing to participate in such contests, promotions, and prize drawings. The contestants should, however, provide something in return (business card, contact information, or fill a questionnaire) to qualify for the contests.

  1. Offer drinks and snacks

Those attending the trade show will greatly appreciate a snack or drink from your booth. The packaging on these drinks/snacks should have your business card attached or brand for marketing purposes. Simple things such as branded water bottles and a few fizzy drinks can go a long way in promoting your business.

  1. Offer some value added expertise

While the booth hosts and support staff may be doing all the talking and presentations, you could make a tremendous impact by providing something of more value to the show attendees. This could be a new product you intend to introduce or valuable pieces of information that are helpful to those attending the show.

  1. Use the social media to reach out
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The social media provides a great platform where you can advertise and promote your brand and booth as well. You will however need a solid trusted social media marketing strategy/plan to woo audiences there to show up in person during the trade show, and especially your booth.   You could however use the social media to offer incentives to grab the audience’s attention. 

  1. Promotional Products and Giveaways

Promotional products have become a common thing in trade shows today.  The only way you can make an impact here is by choosing the right giveaway to offer to your customers and audiences. The product, however, needs to be relevant and useful to the consumer to have a meaning. It should also be something that can last for more than a month.


Some of the popular product giveaways that most companies offer include:

  • Pens: Although common, have a specially designed and branded pen for a giveaway is a great way to market your product or brand.
  • Bags: Bags are considerably more valuable than pens. People use bags to carry stuff, hence a great marketing and promotional tool. A reusable bag will be a welcome gift to almost everyone in the trade show.
  • Geeky Gadgets: Mobile device cases, thumb/USB drives, and geeky key rings can be given out for promotional purposes. Many people will be more than willing to get one.
  • Mugs and Cups: Travel mugs and cups last a lot longer, and are a better choice for many people. They are also practical and highly usable.
  • Badge Holders: Going for a badge holder that can be used for other events is another great way to promote your product, brand, and booth.
  • Notepads, Binders, and Folders: Chances of these being reused in everyday activities and applications are very high. Using these for both the staff members, booth attendants, and as giveaways is an excellent way to put your brand in the limelight.


Proper planning is needed for a trade show to be successful. Trade shows are also time limited, which also makes them quite a risky venture for most businesses. Nevertheless, one good move in these tradeshows can be the beginning of success for your company. This is one of the reasons many people/entrepreneurs invest heavily in such.

The tips outlined above should help you get started and shed some light to your booth on the D-day. With a solid plan and marketing strategy, your products/brand will get good enough visibility to help it soar to higher levels.

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