Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Auddl, Shop globally and get delivered localy

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Many BlogProcess readers from Africa and the Caribbean always ask us for a solution to shop online while using their own local credit cards. While most USA and European shoppers will found the process of buying online as easy as being online, most shoppers from Africa and the Caribbean find it very hard because of their own countries banking restrictions and the simple fact that their credit cards can work online but only to pay a local seller. So if you are in Mali for example, your credit card will only work with Mali’s based online shops, not from eBay or Amazon.

But today with Auddl, a young and talented entrepreneur has been working to solve this issue and provide a global platform that will offer all the kind of products you want while you use your local credit card and get delivered locally to your door in any African or Caribbean country.

Auddl present a dream comes true, and a platform with high standards to make it easy for you to shop your dream products, but this is not everything because the startup offers great features:
– Credit Card payment,
– Mobile Payment solution,
– a wide choice of payment gateways,
– No hidden cost at all,
– Open 24/7
– Suggesting and Bringing the best products every day.

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The startup is the global marketplace next door that will change your life and you can know more by watching this video and visiting their website at



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Sara Revonia
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