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Auto Shipping: Things to Know Before you Ship Your Car

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In normal circumstances, your car takes you, your family, your belongings etc. to your destination. But, situations may arrive that your destination is so far that your car itself needs to be transported on some other vehicle. Maybe you are relocating to the country or state or maybe that you bought the car in an auction at a place very distant from your home.

Whatever be the reason, you might need your car to be shipped from one location to the other and at that time you will need to hire an auto shipping company. But, before zeroing on your decision to hire an auto shipping agency you need to know some basic things. Read on to understand what you need to know before hiring an auto-shipper.

Never take the decision based solely on the price – Although you may think price as the most important factor your decision of hiring an auto shipper cannot depend only on the price. The factors that are determinant of the price are – the type of vehicle, the season, the destination, type of pick-up and type of carrier etc. If a company or agency is giving you the service at a considerably low price chances are high that your car will be shipped in an open trailer and will be fastened with chains. If the case is so you can’t stay assured that you’ll get your car in the position you handed it over to the shippers.

Make the shipment choice as less risky as you can – There are lots of dealers out there who will talk to you in the friendliest way and tell you that you don’t need to worry about anything because he will take care of everything. Don’t get cheated by such sweet promises. When you are shipping your car you have all the rights to know details of the way of shipment. An open trailer is the riskiest way to get a costly car shipped especially when the chains are used to secure the car over the moving vehicle. Either opt for a closed trailer or make sure nylon straps or wheel nets are used to secure your vehicle rather than the chain.

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Don’t forget to read reviews and check for company’s credibility – It is necessary to make sure the company has a good credibility in terms of safety and services before handing them your costly car. Ask your friends, family, relatives or anyone who can suggest on the topic. Go online and read the reviews about the company. And, don’t make yourself a fool by only seeing the ratings and reviews on the company’s own site; they can be paid testimonials. Visit independent and reliable sites to get the true picture of company’s credibility.

Never pay a deposit amount – Auto shipping is not a regular business where you have to pay an amount and receive a commodity for the price. While taking the service of an auto shipper you handover your car worth several thousand dollars to the dealer so it is you at the risk to lose a considerable amount. This is the reason reputable dealers never ask you for a deposit. You only have to clear the bill once your vehicle has reached its destination and you are taking the charge back. Dealers have always the option of not handing over your car unless you clear the dues. So, don’t get yourself in trouble by paying a deposit amount in advance.

Be aware of the terms and conditions before entering the shipping contract – Your car may get damaged or lost in the way to its destination and the dealer may simply get away with all the liabilities if you are not aware of the terms and conditions. Make sure that the dealer’s liability is clearly stated in the contract. You also need to have a copy of the certificate of insurance. Check the certificate for details like liability coverage amount, workers’ compensation, cargo limits and the applicable deductibles. Obviously, you want to get your car shipped in the same state you gave it to the shipper but you do not either want to get nothing if something goes wrong in the way. So, you should be aware what you are entitled to in that situation.

Prepare your vehicle for being transported – The most important thing about preparing your vehicle for transportation is to ensure it is in the perfect mechanical health. You need to fill your car’s tank with fuel and make sure the gas tank is at least quarter full. If you do not keep these in mind then you might get the extra burden of non-run charge for your car. Scrape out all the personal belongings from the car as they may get damaged themselves or damage the car if proper care is not taken. Also, make sure to clean the car before handing it over for pick-up. When the car is clean you can clearly see if there are any scratches. Take pictures of your vehicle from all angles before it is loaded over the trailer. You’ll need these pictures as a reference when you receive your car with dents or scratches.

Be clear about any special instructions you may have – There is a chance that you have any special delivery time demand or maybe handling your car requires some special instructions; everything should be clearly told. Maybe you are getting the car shipped for a birthday, anniversary or any such events. Be sure to tell the shipping company about your wish because they will need to make arrangements accordingly. Trucking is not line airlines delivery where everything is planned the situation on the road is much more unpredictable especially for the big vehicles like the trailer used to ship automobiles. If your car is not the traditional car with easy operation make sure to provide details of the operation in written form so that the driver can handle it well while loading and off-loading it.

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