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The Beginners Guide to Different Kinds of WordPress Hosting

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Usually neglected, WordPress Hosting is one of the prime elements of each & every profitable website. And, choosing the finest WordPress Hosting for your nature of the business website will definitely improve and enhance your SEO & will also expand the sales.

WordPress is the most authoritative & compelling self-hosted Content Management System (CMS) but you need to choose the best hosting. And, the one who can provide you with the most significant features such as unlimited bandwidth, FTP accounts, disk space backups and restore, one-click installation & along the reliable Security and much more.

Often, people get confused by all the different types of WordPress Hosting they see on the web. As, there are several of WordPress hosting choices are made available for the user to choose from such as Free, Shared, VPS, and Dedicated & Managed WordPress Hosting.

Nowadays, WordPress has become so popular that it has spread over the large industry of hosts by offering all the types of plans; from the cost-effective $4 per month shared plan to business-oriented $600 per month dedicated plans. And, with the same, the user is surrounded by the plenty of choices & he can go for any of the plans in accordance with his business requirements.

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But still, at some point in time, it might be confusing for the beginners who are just getting started with the WordPress Hosting for their nature of the business. As the most common option for the beginners is to go with the WordPress hosted site because it is surrounded by multiple of user-friendly features.

Before moving further towards making the choice for which kind of WordPress hosting you go for, the most important step is to create & setup your domain. As your domain name is basically the website address or URL which should be unique & innovative & it also must state in accordance with the business. Domain Name Registration service is the decisive most factor that provides the website with a unique existence.

Here are some of the vital factors that you need to know in order to pick up your Hosting platform such as:

  • Easy migration
  • WordPress hosting
  • Best Customer Support
  • Easy to use
  • Security options
  • Affordable Price
  • Fast speed & Good storage

The hosting process you choose must also be user-friendly, super simple and straightforward. Now, below-stated are the different kinds of WordPress Hosting that is made available for you to choose upon.

Here are the Different kinds of WordPress Hosting which is as follows:

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Whenever you ask for any of the specific type of WordPress Hosting then, you must engage with the three prime vital components such as: Price, Ease of use & the most important Performance in the terms to have the capability to handle lots of website traffic along with the page loading time.

Though, all the different types of WordPress Hosting are different in terms of price, bandwidth, space, features, quality & quantity but, they are also interrelated to each other.

  • Shared Hosting – The reasonable kind of WordPress Hosting

Shared Hosting which is popularly regarded as the Reasonable kind of WordPress Hosting is very best for beginner bloggers or the who have low traffic websites & also for those who don’t want to spend the possessions on the hosting.

And, the people who are just getting started as their first WordPress hosting site then, Shared Hosting is the reliable most option for you to start on. As the Shared Hosting services delivers a powerful & it is a reliable result-oriented platform that will perfectly work for hosting your nature of the website.

Whenever you are using the Shared Hosting then, you are actually sharing a web server with the group of the hosts’ other customers. Shared Hosting hardly costs you anything, you pay a very limited, sometimes as low as few dollars in a month.

Shared Hosting is usually targeted towards beginners as it’s also very easy to use. Though, it is very much good for the low-traffic website but, as you start gaining the traffic then, it will automatically begin to outgrow the limits of your shared environment & also it doesn’t provide you with the advanced amount of features for the same.

There are many options to find a good WordPress web hosting. If you are on a budget, we recommend you to get the cheapest WordPress hosting you can find.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting – Includes a great number of accessible features

Managed WordPress Hosting is surrounded by a great quantity of accessible & helpful features. And, it is basically best for the users who are willing to spend a little more amounts for the basic & the advance features like a good amount of backup, security, automatic updates & also the expert WordPress support. The price for Managed WordPress Hosting is quite higher than the average Shard hosting.

Sometimes, people usually think that why there is such a big difference between the price tag of both Shared & Managed Hosting but, actually the difference is just based upon the number of features they are surrounded with.

The Managed WordPress Hosting is also equipped with the number of advantages such as the utmost security, backing up your site every day, automatic updates, no downtime, and a good amount of expert support along with the blazing layout of speed. So, if you are having a small business with the high amount of traffic then, going for the Managed Hosting is the best option to ask for.

  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS) – A boost from Shared WordPress Hosting

Virtual Private Servers is a boost from the Shared WordPress Hosting as it is best-suited for the person who needs more power than the shared hosting but, still they want to keep the things at the affordable level.

In VPS Hosting, each & every website is hosted on a Virtual Private Server i.e. on a more authoritative hardware. One of the main advantages of using VPS Hosting is the user has the full right & access to the VPS Operating System & along with the unconditional roots & administrator permission. Another benefit of using VPS is that it allows the user to host the several numbers of websites.

Often, there are two kinds of Virtual Private Servers such as: managed or unmanaged. In Managed VPS, the user can manage the server for himself without the need for any of the technical knowledge. On the other hand, Unmanaged VPS requires some technical & networking knowledge the user is responsible for managing & configuring the server.

  • Cloud Hosting – Plans to fit all Sizes

Cloud Hosting which is a plan to fit for all the sizes is best for all the types of the users because it’s very easy & simple to scale the resources. But, some of the Cloud Hosting providers require some of the technical knowledge.

Rather than on a specific physical server, in cloud hosting your site is hosted on cloud architecture. And, one of the biggest advantages of Cloud Hosting is scalability because of the good amount of technical knowledge; you can remove or add the resources.

And, with the Cloud Hosting, the user is responsible for managing its server along with optimizing the performance & also the usage of resources.

  • Dedicated Server – Highly-Prices but, great for performance

The dedicated server is quite highly priced but, it offers the great amount of performance. And, it is also best for the users who are having the high traffic sites in the need of the good performance along with the good big budget.

Along with the Dedicated WordPress Hosting, you get an entire server to yourself. And, you don’t need to share the resources like you do on the shared hosting. You just get the 100% of the server to yourself. The benefits for the Dedicated Server are the good amount of performance & control because you yourself have the entire server & you’re fully free to customize your server as per your requirements you the business website. And, unlike as a Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Server is also divided into two such as managed and unmanaged hosting.

All the above-mentioned different kind of WordPress Hosting types will surely help you to choose the most reliable and relevant option for your kind of business. As once you have chosen your WordPress Hosting site then, it’s just a matter of migrating & launching the site. And, after the completion of the whole of the process, it will definitely help you out in expanding your business online visibility.

There are numerous of free WordPress hosting providers available around the globe to host your WordPress sites such as SiteGround, BlueHost, HostGator, GPD Host and much more & which also offers free hosting service to start your WordPress blog. The relevant most Hosting service providers along with the qualified & professional team will help you to build & market your website so that, you can stay focused on running your business effectively.

But before going into detail for the same, you should keep the most essential points in mind that there is a huge quality difference between the premium hosting and free hosting for WordPress. Not only in the concept of customer support but, along with the same features, disk space, price and also the bandwidth & much more.

By taking everything into consideration, free hosting lacks some of the features as well as quality. But to kick-start your business to the newer level, there are some good free hosting providers from which you will be able to use to learn WordPress or do some of the cool stuff. Rest after that, as per your business requirements you can go for premium WordPress hosting for your website.

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