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Best Smartwatches For Yong Entrepreneurs: Samsung, Fitbit And Garmin

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Being an Entrepreneur mean that you have always to pick the best product in the market because you know how things work but with today trends choosing the best smartwatch that will suit your style and needs is harder than ever. With Google innovating on their Android system and the introduction of different kind of smartwatches from big designers like Fossil, Nixon and Casio, there’s never been a better time to buy.

That’s why BlogProcess Team has decided to share our best smartwatch guide to help Entrepreneurs looking to make the right and smart decision.

Samsung Gear S2:

With its Swatch-like looks design and its ability to play nicely with other smartphones and especially the Samsung ones. This smartwatch presents a bold wearable that gets as much right as Gear S1 got wrong.
Why people love it:
– The ability to control the watch using the touch screen or the round bezel.
– The beautiful leather bands.
– The use of Tizen Operating system and the NFC for Samsung Pay support.
What people are complaining about:
– Many users found that the watch band broke easily.
– Not allowing to make phone calls directly.
To know more about other buyers choice visit the Samsung G2 Page at DidUCheck.
Best Use For: Samsung smartphone users.

Garmin vivoactive Black:

With its 24/7 activity tracking and support for smartphone notifications, its own heart rate tracking technology that monitors continuously your calorie burn this smartwatch will play the role of a day and night available doctor.
It comes also with a range of dedicated apps developed for running, cycling, skiing, swimming, paddle boarding and even golf activities.
Why people love it:
– Easy Setting for weight loss and goals achievement.
Battery life which can go up to 8 days.
– Connecting with the smartphone app functionalities.
What people are complaining about:
– The smartwatch is not easily synchronised over Bluetooth.
– Users are finding the touch screen inconsistent.
To know more about other buyers choice visit the Garmin vivoactive Page at DidUCheck.
Best Use For: Sport and Fitness people.

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Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch:

Named as the brand’s first true sports tracking wearable made with running and cycling lovers in mind.
With an optical heart rate sensing and built-in GPS system, this smartwatch is a competitors killer.
Why people love it:
– Made for the Fitbit app and also work as an improvement for the app functionalities.
Sleep tracking features.
Fitness-focused watch plus Smartwatch ease.
What people are complaining about:
– The calls and texts notifications don’t show up often.
– The phone app has less functions.
To know more about other buyers choice visit the Fitbit Surge Page at DidUCheck.
Best Use For: Fitness focused People.

What do you think of these Smartwatches? Do you have one? How was your experience with it?
Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments bellow.

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