Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Book of The Week: They Are On Mars by J. Zagheer

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Last few months, NASA announced one of the last unravelings of a major Mars journey.  But “They Are On Mars“, by the talented J. Zagheer is a Science Fiction book, that I enjoyed reading during my last trip has already answered all my questions about this planet.

A book that will take you to the world of Mars on a journey like no others. A journey of adventure, romance, and decision making.

You will enjoy the book, story, but you will also read for an author of unique style. An author who will catch your breath with every word or even every letter.

With the right story for science fiction lovers, the right style, this book is definitely the ultimate choice for your next reading journey!

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Book Title: They Are On Mars.
Category: Science Fiction.
Author Name: J Zagheer.
Length: 216 pages.
Format: Kindle Edition.
File Size: 734 KB

Short Description
The world on the brink of shattering, scientists tasked with finding a solution, in the midst of this chaos, two unlikely protagonists take the stage. A girl with too much to lose and a boy with no reason to care about it or her. A rash decision made by people who were unqualified to make it, because of an unnecessary feud finally explained to people who may not be able to or even want to understand it.

Author Bio
Mr. J.Zagheer is an imaginative Fiction, Romance, and Science in fiction Creative Author and thinker who is from the Middle East. Infinitely passionate about crafting compelling stories since his childhood, he is on a mission to inspire people through the power of storytelling. He also consistently strives to create a fantastical realism that allows his readers’ imagination to run wild. Outside of the writing world, Mr. J. Zagheer works in International Transport and Travel.

Click this link to enjoy They Are On MARS by J Zagheer on your Kindle

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