Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Boomr’s Employee Time Tracking and Timesheets Helps Over 35,000 Businesses

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Boomr, the all-in-one employee time tracking software, mobile time card app, timesheets, and workforce management software solution made for businesses of all types and sizes has been helping increase business efficiencies for years.

Now serving over 35,000 businesses all around the United States, Boomr has been building and iterating on their unique mobile time card app since 2013 and helps automate employee time tracking with the use of WIFI and GPS time tracking of employees clock in & clock out work hours.
Their mobile time clock makes it super easy for any sort of business to track employee work hours by location and make payroll reports super easy to process since they are integrated with top payroll service providers such as: Gusto, ADP, and Paychex. With these great integrations, construction companies, remote staff, janitorial businesses, landscapers, home health aides, and other businesses can easily track their employees’ work hours in real-time across any device, get overtime alerts, automate timesheet payroll reports, and save thousands yearly on inefficiencies, especially when it comes to time card padding with timesheet theft, where an employee or employees pad their time card with work hours they never completed. This can often cost businesses many thousands to well over $100,000 yearly without them even knowing it.

Some great features of using Boomr’s time tracking software & mobile time clock apps for android & iphone is that it can: Easily track employee work hours to the minute, help your business to always stay on budget and reduce time padding, keep all of your employees productive & monitor their performance, save over 40 hours monthly on average calculating timesheets, see where your employees are with real-time GPS time tracking, monitor overtime tracking, manage shifts, and easily review workforce data reports before payroll & billing, while making payroll super easy.

Boomr quickly eliminates all the hassles of traditional timesheet management. From several timesheet calculators, daily, hourly and weekly timesheet templates to their award winning mobile time clock app, Boomr is one of the best time management apps your business should have and should use religiously.

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You can sign up for free and start using Boomr within minutes to simplify your timesheets, payroll, and accounting with their several simple, yet powerful online integrations with popular payroll, accounting, and HR Platforms.

Get the Boomr time tracking app for your business free for 30 days today!

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