Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Bop: Discover New People, Activities and Events Happening Around You.

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Bop is a new social platform recently released for iOS this year that aims to put local at your fingertips. Using interactive photos and video posts, the app’s local public feed lets you discover what’s happening nearby in real time but filtered to your own interests. While bop’s private feed puts you in touch with friends from bop communities all around the world.

bop is a very fun app that provides some great features:
– The app allows you to add emoji masks to your pictures
– Bouncy objects
– You can also add and send wonderful stickers,
– Post self-destructing “Flash bops”, messages that disappear after a chosen time and are permanently deleted
– Use the radius feature to look at posts locally or globally
– You can comment, tag people and exchange likes (Hi5’s);
– Share your location-based experiences in your local or global private network…

But the real idea behind bop is to find fun, to get bopping and connect beyond your screen. This is why the app makes it easier to create events and invite people to an event or party using location, time or even cost as part of the post!And if you are not a party starter, you can find all the public events around you launched by your

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And if you are not a party starter, you can find all the public events around you launched by your neighbours and people living nearby.

bop is a free and stable app. So, get it on the Appstore, start having fun right now and create your own social network by inviting your friends to bop using Text, Email, Facebook or even Twitter.

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