Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Bring Your Blog Back To The Top

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Maintaining a blog is so much harder than people realize, especially when you want to start making money from it. A lot more goes into it than just sitting down and writing about something. It takes a lot of thought and time to put together a really good meaningful post, especially if you’re trying to catch the attention of an audience. But catching the attention of an audience is what blog writing is all about. You aren’t just writing the pieces for yourself to read them back. You’re writing them in the hope that even just a few people take notice of what you have to say. But when it’s so competitive, it’s also so easy to become lazy. If you’re at that stage where you’ve lost your blogging motivation, or if you’re just not where you need to be, here are some words of encouragement to put you back on the right path.


Some people don’t realize they’re marketing their blog, even when they are. Some people chose not to market their blogs, but this is where you’re going to really struggle with your views. When you write a blog post, you should be sharing them with your social media pages that you’ve joined, as well as tagging in some blogger retweet groups. It’s the only way of getting the exposure you need. If you aren’t already doing this, or just don’t have social media accounts, set them up straight away and figure out what blogging groups are going to work best for your nice. Then you can move onto a more hardened form of marketing. Getting your blog optimized to make sure it gives you the most exposure is something you should look to do once you’ve got to grips with the more simpler versions of marketing yourself. The best time to try and get your blog optimized is when you have a decent amount of following, but you’re looking to really make it big time. This is where it should be at its most effective.

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Change Your Theme

You need to make sure your theme is as responsive as possible. When you first start blogging, you’ll most likely have picked a theme that was free and easy to use. This is fine to begin with, but as you start to get more serious, your theme needs to move with you. You can get plenty of paid themes on the internet that’ll give you so many more options in terms of social media icons, and what you can actually do with the blog. It is sometimes good to switch up the overall feel of your blog sometimes as well. You might just be a beauty blogger, which is great, but there are other areas of your life that you could talk about which could bring in a new audience. If you love going to eat, add a food category and review the different restaurants that you go to. The broader your topics the more chance you have of bringing yourself back on top. Sometimes it is the limitation that is holding you back.

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