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Building Your CBD Brand Aesthetic

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The CBD industry is booming, and if you plan to stand out in the oversaturated market, you need a captivating brand aesthetic.

Tips for Cultivating The Perfect Brand Aesthetic For Your CBD Marketing Strategy

Laws are changing all over the United States. The CBD industry is blossoming, and entrepreneurs and hopeful business owners are looking for ways to capitalize on this vast potential. If you plan to build any type of CBD business, you need to understand modern marketing and the true value of brand design.

How to Cultivate Your CBD Brand Aesthetic

You could start a business with a great product, but you will not get it into the hands of your prime customers without a competent CBD marketing strategy. If you hope to break into the booming CBD market you need a product with an aesthetic that conveys quality, consistently, reliability, and value. CBD consumers all over the country have access to an unprecedented level of options. If you want to compete or start selling your CBD products in your market area, the first step after you develop your high-quality products is developing a strong marketing campaign and branding strategy.

Ultimately, the modern market revolves around appearances. Social media marketing is incredibly influential in virtually every consumer product market, and CBD brands are no exception. If you cannot cultivate a strong brand aesthetic that captures the attention of your target market on various marketing channels, your brand may not remain competitive for long.

Why Care About Branding?

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A business owner may believe that his or her product is so high-quality that effective branding does not matter. The product is good, so why should the packaging and presentation matter to the average customer? Ultimately, it comes down to appearance. In a market that is oversaturated with consumer options, standing out from the crowd is really the only way to succeed. So what is branding? It is the process of developing a recognizable identity around your products and/or services that customers will automatically associate with positive ideas.

Modern customers want quality, affordability, and value when they purchase CBD products. Branding plays a bigger role in the purchasing experience than many business owners realize. A customer may see two relatively comparable products of equivalent price and quality, but the customer will almost always choose the one with more professional, eye-catching representation.

Branding is much more than just flashy packaging, however. The CBD brands that succeed the most typically have something unique that pervades not only through their products’ presentation, but also the company image as a whole. If you start any type of CBD-oriented company, you need to ensure your brand aesthetics run in tandem with your company values.

Overcoming The “Stoner” Stereotype

The most aesthetic brands today overcome the negative stereotypes that still dominate many perceptions concerning CBD in the modern world. The reality is that most modern CBD consumers in the U.S. are looking for a healthier alternative to pharmaceuticals for medical issues or a healthier way to unwind than consuming alcohol.

When developing your CBD product branding or marketing strategy, steer clear of any notions related to the typical negative stereotypes and opt for classier, higher-quality representation instead.

Capturing a Customer Base with Branding

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The CBD market is incredibly competitive today, and the typical CBD consumer is young, in touch with modern marketing and technology, and looking for something that fits his or her style. With so many CBD brands making massive strides across social media and other marketing channels, your brand needs some unique flair to stand out and succeed.

Developing A Unique Brand

Your branding strategy will undoubtedly revolve around aesthetics, and you must carefully consider every aspect of your visual marketing including logo design, product descriptions, packaging options, and your marketing materials. When it comes to visual design, investing in high-quality product photography and digital artwork can go a long way toward establishing your CBD brand as a major competitor. However, your branding strategy should not stop at aesthetic representation of your company.

  • Tell a story. Modern consumers are incredibly discerning and want to feel connected to the brands they love. Tell your customers why and how you started your brand, the values you hold, and what you hope to contribute to the industry. This creates transparency between you and your customers and builds personal connections to your products.

  • Sell lifestyle enhancement, not just fun. CBD has long been associated with laziness and lackadaisical attitudes toward life, but you don’t need to convey any of that in your branding. CBD has profound benefits for many people, whether they consume it for medical purposes or purely for recreation. You want to sell a better lifestyle, not just a fun product.

  • Choose your words carefully. Avoid the usual slang associated with stereotypes. Instead, use more elevated language to describe your products and tell your story within your branding.

  • Keep it professional. Stay away from cartoonish or overly simple brand designs. If your marketing seems to be too appealing to children you will never get it approved anyway, and childish, animated marketing tends to convey low quality as opposed to a classy lifestyle-enhancing product.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to developing your CBD branding strategy. The average business owner has countless concerns, and most are more occupied with product development and fiscal issues than marketing. Instead of letting your hard work fail to meet your expectations, consider working with an outside agency to support your branding efforts.

The Value of Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies effectively take some of the most important concerns for any business owner off of his or her plate so the owner can go back to running the business. An expert digital marketing agency can be ideal for any CBD business owner who may not have the time, resources, or experience to handle branding alone. A reliable marketing agency can help you differentiate your brand from others and lead to your brand securing more market share than you ever thought possible.

About the Author

Chris Weatherall is President of Eminent SEO, a digital multi-channel marketing agency in Arizona. Chris has over a decade and a half of website development, SEO and organic link building experience. When he isn’t writing blog posts, Chris is probably spending time with his adorable kids or watching very cool anime.

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