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When A Car Crash, Keep Calm and Call a Lawyer

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Accidents occur every few seconds and the reasons behind these accidents can be numerous. No matter how careful you are – accidents are inevitable across the globe. Driver’s negligence or ignorance behind the wheels can lead to unfathomable accidents.

Accidents can result in minor or major injuries or even death – affecting families both emotionally and financially. Take a look at some of the major reasons behind the car accidents.

Ignoring traffic rules

Ignoring or not following traffic rules is a major cause for accidents. California has recorded the highest motorists on road when compared to other states. Hence, drivers need to be extra cautious while driving to avoid accidents. Skipping the traffic signal, not stopping when intended to, speeding or over taking can lead to collisions with motor bikes which can result in disastrous accidents.

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Minor distractions can be hazardous

It is pretty common to get bored while you are on road for a long drive. Technology is at every nook and corner – smart phones, iPads and laptops can be easy distractions to fall prey for road accidents. Hence, it is always advised to avoid using gadgets while driving. Some of the other common distractions include talking to a person travelling with you, turning to eat or applying makeup while driving and many more. It is best to concentrate on vehicles on road while commuting to avoid misfortunate situations.

Driving after consuming alcohol

Drink and drive is an offence and can put you behind bars. Even a small dose of alcohol can result in catastrophic accidents. Driving after intake of alcohol can result in serious risks. Alcohol can slow down your reaction time, for instance you can fail to hit the brakes at the right time leading to an accident. Alcohol can slow down your motor skills and can reduce your concentration resulting in harmful situations. Alcohol also results in blurred vision and can restrain judgement. California Highway Patrol reported around 2017 drink and drive cases on a Labour Day weekend.

Drugs while driving

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Driving when drugged is illegal in the United States of America. Cocaine, marijuana and heroin are some of the common drugs used by drug addicts. Drugs can either make you dead slow or super excited. Drugged driving can straight away shoot up accident rates. On the other hand, the combination of alcohol and drugs like marijuana – can increase the rate of fatal accidents by approximately 24 times. There is no simple test like alcohol detectors to identify drugged drivers and hence drug detection is quite challenging.

Claims and Litigations

Any good frim Law Firm stands for people who are affected both physically and mentally. Attorneys at the Firm assist you with free preliminary consultation. They also assure you to get compensation for the caused damages. However, there are certain requirements to be met for a successful injury claim by plaintiff. A Plaintiff or a person who has filed the case in the court has to prove the below:

  • The plaintiff needs to have enough proof to show that defendant is the reason for his or her injuries. This can be proved through medical or any other relevant evidence.
  • It is crucial for a defendant to show at most care to an injured person. Hence, the plaintiff should prove that the defendant failed to show vital care at the place of accident. On providing all the evidences, the defendant can be proved guilty for violating the law.
  • On confirming all the evidences for the negligence claim – the plaintiff is entitled for financial compensation. The financial compensation covers medical bills and expenses, vehicle replacement, emotional or mental harm caused by the accident. In extreme and uncontrolled cases, defendant is legally punished.


A legal consultation and support is always advised for rewarding benefits. A reputed law firm solves numerous cases other than car accident cases. Some of the cases include:

  • Accident cases on road like – pedestrian accidents, truck accidents and bus accidents.
  • Construction accident cases which are caused at work sites.
  • Brain injury cases resulted from motor vehicle accidents.
  • Animal attack cases which include dog bite accidents.
  • Lawsuits to recover money damages caused by untimely deaths.
  • Products liability cases which deals with defective products like home appliances, commercial tools, motor vehicles which are poorly manufactured leading to failure.
  • Premises Liability cases deals with person injured in others property, leading to serious injuries and trauma.
  • Construction defect lawsuit which deals with contractor or designer responsible for defective workmanship.

For all the victims who have suffered grave accidents and such unfortunate accidents, Nehora Law Firm in Orange County can come to rescue. The Law firm has clients all over California which includes Garden Grove, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Buena Park, Fullerton, Irvine, Mission Viejo,   Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Lake Forest, and Santa Ana.

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