Fix the ‘Scheduled Maintenance’ Error on WordPress

One of the most annoying error in WordPress is the 'Scheduled Maintenance' message a Webmaster gets after an automatic upgrade has completed. This problem is mainly caused by a failed automatic upgrade or...

Top 8 Relevant Facts about Blog Feed

Some people are not aware of a blog feed- It is easy to introduce blog feed to those tech-savvy subscribers. However, for readers who are not aware of a blog feed...

Use the RSS feed for a specific category

If you want to encourage your readers to subscribe to some of the updates of your site, it may be interesting to set up RSS feeds by category. The feed url to...

Easy Tips for Changing the Author of a Published Post in WordPress

Suppose you wrote a post and published it then realized that you are not the author listed, how will you plan to change the “author”? There are other reasons why writers...

Affect an image to categories in WordPress without plugin

This tutorial allows you to add a text field to fill the URL of an image for each of your categories. Add this in your functions.php file: add_action('init', 'my_category_module'); function my_category_module() { add_action ( 'edit_category_form_fields', 'add_image_cat'); add_action ( 'edited_category', 'save_image'); } The function to add the extra field : function add_image_cat($tag){ $category_images...

5 WordPress Plugins To better monetize your blog

When we talk about Monetizing a Blog, many people think about Google Adsense as the only solution, but this is not true. So here is a list of 5 plugins that...

Pointing domains from Dynadot to blogger

Dynadot is the most recommended Domain registrar here at and because of that many of our followers use them, but we got a lot of messages from them asking for...

Pointing domains from Godaddy to blogger

I received too many e-mails from people who asked me to explain how to point domains from Godaddy to blogger after the changes from the company for the DNS management. I just...

Exclude the category you don’t need from your menu

Every time you add a new theme to your WordPress blog and you find that this theme show all your categories in a menu. The idea of excluding a category from...

WordPress Hack: remove “WordPress Generator”

The publishing platform Wordpress adds a small line for itself to advertise and clarify that the site that you find is a site using Wordpress. Except that in addition to reporting that...
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