Effective tricks to interest more guest bloggers on your blog

How important are guest bloggers? As blog owners, we are required to produce fresh, quality and interesting contents daily to make progress in our blogging career. Nevertheless, it is expected that bloggers...

Making your blogging experience faster – Email tip!

Read: Making your blogging experience faster - Browser edition!, Making your blogging experience faster – Gmail edition! and Making your blogging experience faster - Blogger edition! As we discussed in the last post of this series...

Use the RSS feed for a specific category

If you want to encourage your readers to subscribe to some of the updates of your site, it may be interesting to set up RSS feeds by category. The feed url to...

Top reasons why numerous bloggers never earn from blogging

Even though the numbers of blogs are increasing drastically today, not all of the bloggers or blog owners earn through their blogs. Surprisingly, majority of them don’t earn a decent income...

Easy Ways to Protect your Vision when Blogging for hours

If you work online as a blogger you must be spending a lot of time in front of the computer. Eventually you will notice that you are getting problems with your...

How Blogging for Business Can Improve Your Sales

Marketing is a changing industry. The internet has completely revolutionized the way companies interacts with their customers, and it has also changed the way potential customers find the companies they buy...

The hits and miss of a blog feed

Majority of bloggers today are using blog feed readers on their blogs to update their readers. Bloggers let their readers subscribe to their blog to get the latest scoops on their blogs....

Exclude the category you don’t need from your menu

Every time you add a new theme to your WordPress blog and you find that this theme show all your categories in a menu. The idea of excluding a category from...

How to use images and content in capturing your readers

The success of a blog does not depend on the number of its visitors, instead it depends on how people follow and read the blog on regular basis. It’s easy to...
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