Twitter Laying Off 8.2% of the Company Employees

Twitter is about to cut up to 336 jobs out of its 4,100 employees working for the company around the world. Which represents around 8.2% of the company’s global workforce. Jack Dorsey,...

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Facebook Pixels in Your Advertising Campaigns

Have you ever online shopped on one site, sifting through listings of blouses and jeans, moved onto another site, and found an ad that sent you back to the...

Is Social Media Right for My Business? Yes, It Is.

We are in the age of social media. Our daily lives, whether we like it or not, is dictated by how we interact through social media. In the history...

Several Important Limitations of Twitter Marketing

For small start ups and businesses, Twitter has become an excellent tool to reach a huge market of millions of Twitter users. Since most small businesses do not have a lot...

Face Your Facebook Fears With These 7 Tips

The world of social media in your business can be a frightening place to be. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Hangouts…and then there’s Facebook. When you’re a retailer with a brick and...

Implementing Traditional and Modern Marketing Strategies on Twitter – Promotional Gifts and Twitter

Establishing a good network and contacts is important for the development and success of a business. Traditionally in the past, several popular methods have been implemented such as giving away promotional...

You are looking for a global Social Network?

Most Social Networks promise to allow you to be close with all your connections, either friends like Facebook, Colleagues like LinkedIn, Fans like Youtube or Twitter or either the most specific...

How To Succeed With Instagram

Instagram may have initially had a very strong teenage following, but it has grown into so much more than that. Businesses are now using Instagram as a way to get the...

Pointers to Start Twitter Marketing for Your Business

With the birth of social networking platforms, online marketing has become more direct and focused to the potential customers. Static pages have become redundant since being replaced with more dynamic content...

Social Media Tips to Help you Build a Huge Following Base

People around the world are glued to screens nowadays, switching between smartphones, tablets, notebooks, laptops and other gadgets. The majority of today’s billionaires are those from the tech industry. App developers...
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