LaceyBunny, The Most Powerful Online Media Community for Women

If you want the easiest way to find the most awesome, most creative, most unique ways to explore interesting and inspirational ideas, the BlogProcess Team found a useful community platform for...

Dash gathers political and business leaders from South-East Europe to talk crypto

The blockchain conference titled: ”The potential of cryptocurrencies to develop our society, local communities, and humanitarian projects” was held at the Hilton Hotel in the Serbian capital of Belgrade on the...

Google Chrome Will opt for HTML5 Over Flash By the End of 2016

Google the company behind Chrome, is planning to shift to a new system for using HTML5 by default instead of Flash by this fall. So rather then allowing Flash, the browser will...

Adobe is asking users to stop using Flash

Adobe, the company behind Flash announced, yesterday night, that it will now encourage webmasters and content creators to build web solutions with the new standards like HTML5, rather than Flash. Adobe and in...

Media Temple is launching a new enterprise WordPress solution

Media Temple, the leading hosting company owned by GoDaddy, launched a new enterprise-grade WordPress hosting solution today and hosting the new-brand service on AWS. The company knowing for its advanced WordPress Hosting...

Security Concern Related To Freemium Based Tools

At BlogProcess, we’ve come across a security concern that we think you should be mindful of.  You should especially be mindful if you’re a fan of free or “freemium” websites, tools,...

Lumosity will to pay $2 Million for its bullshit games

Lumos Labs, the company that created a brain game substation by telling users it could make them smarter, will pay for its lies. Lumosity will pay the Federal Trade Commission about...

Soon, Gmail’s AI could reply automatically to your Emails

Google just revealed a technology named "Smart Reply" using what’s called “deep learning” that can analyze the content of a received email and then suggest a brief response. A kind of...

The only entrepreneurs recruiting companion vetted by experts

In the start-up and High Tech companies evolution, hiring the best talent is as tough as it's ever been, this way most of today entrepreneurs prefer to use innovative tools to...

For Domino’s Pizza Customers, Accessibility Isn’t On the Menu

October may be National Pizza Month, but Domino's isn't too eager for all of its customers to celebrate. In fact, the popular pizza chain is making some enemies for...